The Man’s Decree – Chapter 570

Chapter 570 A Useless Slab Of Wood

While the lot was laughing at Sean’s comments, Barnabus suddenly opened his eyes wide, placed the disc on the table, and lightly tapped it with two fingers. In a flash, that once scruffy disc regained its glow. It was so shiny that one could see their reflection in it!

“Whoah!” Muffled exclamations reverberated.
“You’re really something, Mr. Holt! That’s what a mage, who has cultivated for tens of years, is capable ofl”

Barnabus was satisfied with his performance.
After that, a flick of ruby light exited his palm, and the disc instantly luminesced red. It looked like some magical item was about to be summoned into the room. Slowly, the whole room was encapsulated in red luster, and soon, everyone felt soothing energy flowing through their body.

The rejuvenating luster gradually dissipated in a matter of seconds, and the room was back to its original state. That Disc of Eight Trigrams too reduced to its rough-hewn condition with marks of age.

“Mr. Holt, have you figured out what this disc can do?” Sean was hoping for something explosive.

Barnabus nodded. “This talisman is indeed extraordinaire as it entraps the holy energy. If I’m not wrong, it’s a relic of the immortals!”

The greed in everyone’s eyes was plain to see after Barnabus declared the disc’s stature.
Sean’s avidity was equally strong as his peers.

The joy Galen experienced when he saw such rapacity was indescribable. That disc could really fetch a handsome payment if he auctioned it now!

‘Hey, kid. It’s your turn to unearth the history of this disc. After you’re done with that, shall we let Mr. Yonce from Zaprington be the judge of this match and decide who’s right on the mark?” Sean shouted out to Jared.

All present shifted their eyes to Jared, eager to know how he was going to activate the arcane array.

To their disbelief, Jared left the disc alone.
“What history could a useless slab of wood have? I really wonder what expertise you— revered mages—have obtained throughout years of cultivation? All of you were holding this junk with such pleasure!”

All the mages steamed up in a fraction of a second. They might not be able to bring to light the actual function of the disc, but they were certain that it must be something incredible from the way Galen promoted it. Plus, he was associated with Boris. Thus, they surmised that the disc could only be genuine.

They had all judged a book by its cover, and of course, Galen’s deceitful speech reassured them of their thinking. The brutal truth was they weren’t good enough to tell if that disc was a magical item.

It was like the emperor’s new clothes. No one saw neither its beauty nor its uniqueness, but no one dared to be frank about it because if they did, it would mean that they weren’t up to par.

Jared stood his ground and became the “fool” to point out that it was nothing but a piece of wood. Any mage would feel pilloried and agitated, especially Galen and Boris.

They knew it all along that the disc was, like what Jared had claimed, a useless slab of wood. For Jared to say it out loud in front of the public put them in the toughest spot.

‘Excuse me, young man? What do you mean? I spent a good fortune on this disc, and it was authenticated by Mr. Yonce! It is a rare talisman that is embedded with an arcane array, and now you’re calling it a piece of junk? You’d better take back your words or you shall bear the consequences.” Galen turned hostile.

‘He’s right. Mr. Holt had already activated the arcane array. How could you say that it’s nothing but a piece of wood? Do you know what I think? I think you are incapable of discerning the goodness of this disc.” Sean shot Jared with words of scorn.

‘They would know better if the disc was a useless piece of wood. I believe that some things are better left unsaid.” Jared placidly swirled his eyes toward Boris and Galen.

The culpable duo shunned those interrogative eyes.

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