The Man’s Decree – Chapter 571

Chapter 571 Convince You

Galen knew that the Disc of Eight Trigrams had been carved out of a rotten piece of wood and that the so-called “array” before was Barnabus’ own doing rather than the activation of the disc.
Though Barnabus himself was perplexed, he had the crowd fooled.

‘Hey, kid. Do you not believe me even though I said I saw it?” Boris finally spoke up after a long silence.

As the top mage of Zaprington, Boris’ words carried weight—even Barnabus revered him!

‘I only believe my own eyes!” Jared declared with a smirk.

“Well then, I have no choice but to convince you! See for yourself if this is just rotted wood.”

As he spoke, Boris held the Disc of Eight Trigrams in one hand, and with the other, he made a swift gesture to activate the disc.
Under the spectator’s curious gazes, something peculiar happened. The Array of Eight Trigrams materialized above the disc, glinting and spinning in midair.

With a loud bellow from Boris, the array exploded into pieces, and the rays of light converged to form a charm.

The brilliant light cast a sheen of gold in the room, causing the occupants to squint from the unexpected brightness.

Soon, the golden light dimmed, and the Disc of Eight Trigrams reverted to its original state.

The crowd was still reeling back from shock.
They gaped at the disc, their eyes bulging out of their sockets in disbelief.

“Mr. Yonce truly deserves the title of the best mage in Zaprington! I’m humbled to be in your presence,” Barnabus praised. His voice oozed envy and admiration for Boris.

“This talisman is awesome! If not for Mr. Yonce, this treasure would have been buried and forgotten!”

‘I’ve never seen a talisman so powerful in my life!”

“Now that I know what it’s capable of, I’ll spend my life’s fortune to purchase it!”

The discussion rose to a clamor as everyone vowed to get their hands on the Disc of Eight Trigrams, no matter the cost.

Samuel had the foresight to call and instruct his family to prepare a hefty sum of money. He knew that competition would be stiff, and he was determined to emerge the victor.

Inspired by his clever idea, everyone else quickly followed suit and made calls to gather funds. Judging by their agitated state, they would be lucky if the auction later did not end in a bloodbath.

Galen and Boris exchanged glances as they fought to suppress their glee.

‘Do you still insist that the Disc of Eight Trigrams is useless, kid?” Boris goaded.

The crowd whipped around to look at Jared, their faces filled with distaste.

“What would he know? He’s just a kid! The Baileys must be blind to let him attend this auction. “

“He’s insane, messing around in the presence of so many masters. He even had the gall to challenge Mr. Yonce! I guess it’s true that with ignorance comes undue gallantry.”

‘If I were Mr. Yonce, I would have slapped him!”

“Where did he even come from? Why is a nobody like him making a spectacle of himself in Jadeborough?”

The crowd jeered at Jared and even brought the Baileys into the mix. Samuel’s face twisted into a grimace.

Jared, on the other hand, appeared unfazed.

‘Kid, Mr. Yonce asked you a question. Why did you become mute all of a sudden? If you just admit defeat and pay us two billion, we’ll let this slide,” Sean said with a smug smile.

“A rotten piece of wood is a rotten piece of wood. No skill nor expertise can change that,” Jared responded indifferently.

Jared’s blatant remark shocked everyone. The color drained from Samuel’s face as he cautioned in a soft voice, “Mr. Chance, please stop provoking them…”

Although Samuel knew that Jared was a cultivator, he had never seen Jared in action.
The power that Boris had demonstrated was.
practically divine martial art; there was no way Jared could surpass that!

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