The Man’s Decree – Chapter 572

Chapter 572 Proof

Samuel doubted that Jared could beat Barnabus, let alone Boris. After all, Jared was still young. Be it a martial artist, a mage, or a cultivator, these roles took practice to make perfect, and practice took time—something that Jared clearly had less of compared to the others.

‘Kid, are you blind? Didn’t you see me activate the Disc of Eight Trigrams? Yet, you’re still dead set on it being useless?”

Boris’ glacial stare bore into Jared.

As the top mage of Zaprington, Boris could not tolerate the taunts of a youngster.

Galen, too, was glowering at Jared. Had it not been for Jared, the Disc of Eight Trigrams would have been sold for a high price by now.
This kid keeps messing everything up for us!

‘Kid, I can’t believe your audacity to question Mr. Yonce. Do you even know how powerful he is?”

Snickering, Barnabus leveled a stare at Jared.

He was using Jared as a scapegoat to kiss up to Boris. With abilities like that, Boris was worthy of worship by other masters!

Jared scoffed, “It’s precisely because I’m not blind that I’m not deceived by you lot. Both the arcane arrays that you summoned just now were products of your magecraft to beguile everyone. It didn’t originate from the Disc of Eight Trigrams! Did you really think that no one would notice?”

His accusations hit the nail on the head. Both Boris and Barnabus had indeed used their magecraft instead of activating the disc. The only difference was that Boris’ magecraft was polished enough to escape everyone’s attention.

As for Barnabus, the ones who had seen through his ruse did not expose him. At the very least, Boris knew that Barnabus was lying, but he did not call out Barnabus’ lies as it benefited him as well.

“What nonsense are you spouting, kid? Are you implying that the array was formed by my magecraft and that everyone here but you are stupid?” Boris spluttered in anger.

Being the cunning man he was, Boris chose his words intentionally to incite rage toward Jared.

His plan worked beautifully. The moment the words left his mouth, the crowd started to volley insults at Jared.

“You f*cking b*stard! How dare you call us stupid? Everyone saw the arcane array!”

“Samuel, where did you find this insolent kid? What’s wrong with him?”

‘I’ve been dabbling in magecraft for ten years.
Do you think I’d be tricked so easily?”

‘I’ve never met such an egocentric person! He must have not experienced the real world!”

Most of the occupants were members of the most prominent families in Jadeborough, and their statuses were equal to the Baileys, if not higher. Hence, Samuel could only hold his tongue and listen to the verbal abuse with a sullen expression.

I can’t possibly make enemies of the entire Jadeborough elite circle! My family is not influential enough to dominate the whole city!

Boris’ stiff muscles began to relax as angry shouts filled the room. His frown melted away and was replaced by a relief smile. Sean, too, could not contain the grin that spread across his face.

‘Hey, kid! Since you claim that the array Mr.
Yonce summoned was not of the Disc of Eight Trigrams, prove it to us! You can’t just pull that story out of thin air and expect us to believe you. If you can’t prove it, not only will you lose two billion, but you also won’t be able to leave Jadeborough alive!”

Murderous intent burned in Sean’s eyes.

“Are you sure you want evidence?” Jared asked as he regarded Sean with amusement.

“Of course! If you can’t prove that the Disc of Eight Trigrams is just a piece of rotten wood, that means that you’ve lost and that you’re just fabricating stories!” Sean huffed.

“And do you also want the evidence?” Jared directed his question to Boris.

Just as Boris parted his lips to reply, Jared added, “Think carefully. You of all people should know what this Disc of Eight Trigrams really is.”

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