The Man’s Decree – Chapter 576

Chapter 576 Against Each Other

“Mr. Zane, don’t worry. I will ask my men to transfer the money right away…”

Sean looked utterly pleased.
“Hold on a second…”

Just as Sean was about to make the transaction, Samuel suddenly stood up.

He could not stand by and let the Coopers have the talisman as the Bailey family would have even more difficulty catching up to the Coopers then. Even though the Baileys had Jared, who was a spiritual energy cultivator, Jared was still young, and it might take a long time for him to complete his cultivation.

‘Mr. Bailey, is there anything?”

Galen’s eyes lit up as he saw Samuel standing up.

‘I want this Disc of Eight Trigrams. I’m offering 3.1 billion!” Samuel shouted at Galen.

Samuel could not be bothered about Jared anymore. He figured he had to get the Disc of Eight Trigrams no matter what.

Galen displayed a smile as he shifted his gaze toward Sean. “Mr. Cooper, Mr. Bailey has bid.
Are you going to bid again?”

Sean stared at Samuel with an ugly expression.

“3.2 billion!” Sean gritted his teeth and shouted furiously.

“3.3 billion!” Right after Sean opened his mouth, Samuel raised his bid again.

Galen’s lips curled into a broad smile upon seeing Sean and Samuel engaged in a fierce competition. It looks like I am going to earn more.

The rest also watched the scene with excitement. It would be to their advantage regardless of who won the bid.

There were only so many resources in Jadeborough. One more wealthy family meant one more competitor. The other families would have more chances if these two prominent families were both wounded financially from their desperate fight.

‘Mr. Bailey, are you trying to go against the Coopers?”

Sean was beyond exasperated.

“Sean, that’s just how bidding works. The higher bidder wins. How could you say that I am going against the Coopers? If you cannot afford to fork out more money, please hand over the talisman.”

Samuel smiled faintly.

“You wish!” Sean bit his lip and uttered, “Four billion!”

‘Five billion…”

Samuel continued to bid casually, as though five billion was nothing to him.

It was not easy even for a wealthy family to pay five billion in one go without debt. Only a few families had this kind of purchasing power.

‘It looks like there is more to the Baileys than meet the eyes. They can give out five billion so easily!”

‘I heard they profited a lot from their medicine.”

‘It seems we will have to work harder, or else we can’t catch up with the Baileys!”

All the other wealthy families at the scene went into an uproar.

The corner of Sean’s eyes twitched. He did not expect Samuel to go so far.

Even though the Coopers were able to pay five billion, Sean did not dare to make such a decision. After all, Xander was the true head of the family. He was merely taking his place temporarily.

“Mr. Cooper, if you don’t want to raise the bid anymore, I will give the Disc of Eight Trigrams to Mr. Bailey!” Galen asked Sean as he noticed the latter did not say anything.

‘T’ll raise!” Sean’s face became utterly red from rage. ‘I’ll raise the bid to six billion!”

Upon hearing that, Samuel’s calm face immediately darkened.

Five billion was indeed his limit. He acted calmly deliberately to make Sean think that the Baileys had unlimited financial strength. He never expected Sean would raise it by another billion.

If Samuel raised the bid again, he would not be able to gather so much cash in such a short time. Not to mention, Galen did not accept debts.

After seeing Samuel’s hesitant look, Sean laughed. “I thought you were rich, but it seems like you were bluffing! I dare you to raise it!”

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