The Man’s Decree – Chapter 577

Chapter 577 None Of Your Business

Samuel stared at Sean wrathfully. However, he did not say anything. Indeed, he was unable to raise the bid anymore.

In the end, Samuel had no choice but to sit back in his seat and stare at Sean helplessly.
Needless to say, Sean was looking as smug as the cat who got the canary.

“Mr. Cooper, six billion it is. Remember what I said. You will have to transfer the money to my account first…”

Galen was delighted to earn six billion. Who would’ve thought this tiny piece of cr*p would be worth so much?

“Mr. Zane, don’t worry. I-”

‘I bid seven billion!” Before Sean could finish his sentence, Jared, who had his eyes closed the whole time, finally opened them and shouted.

At that moment, everyone shifted their gaze toward Jared. Samuel could not believe what he heard as well.

No one understood why Jared joined in the bidding all of a sudden.

Didn’t he say it was just a useless piece of wood earlier? Why would he pay so much money for it?

“Young man, we are not playing games here. If you bid and fail to pay out, do you know what the consequences will be?”

Galen snorted coldly after seeing Jared joining the bidding.

He thought Jared was fooling around. After all, Boris had said that Jared was good in magecraft too. Since he should be able to tell the origin of the Disc of Eight Trigrams, why would he bid for it? The only explanation is that he is messing around. He is trying to disrupt the bidding!

‘Don’t worry. Of course I can pay what I bid!” Upon saying that, he threw the bank card he had used for betting just now to Galen.
‘There’s two billion in that card. If I fail to payout, you can use this as a deposit. You don’t have to refund it to me!”

Galen picked up the card and stared at Jared

with a baffled look. He had no idea what Jared was up to. However, he still nodded. “Okay, I’ll believe you.”

‘Mr. Chance…” Samuel stared at Jared confusedly.

Jared waved his hand, signaling for Samuel to stop talking.

“Mr. Cooper, someone raised the bid again!” Galen shifted his gaze toward Sean.

By then, Sean’s expression had turned utterly hostile. He slammed a hand on the table wrathfully. “Didn’t you say it was just a useless piece of wood? Why are you competing with me? Or did you say that deliberately to make us give up on it so that you could buy it at a low price?”

Upon hearing what Sean said, everyone stared at Jared furiously. Indeed, that was the only explanation that made sense. No one would spend so much money if they thought it was a useless piece of wood.

Samuel was amazed at Jared’s tactic. Even though it did not work out, it was still a good move.

‘Itis indeed a useless piece of wood. That is a fact, and I am not lying about it. Despite that, I am willing to buy it. What I use it for, be it as firewood or something else, is none of your business, though. Either way, I don’t want the Coopers to have it!”

Jared smirked teasingly.
Sean choked and almost burst a vessel.

“How dare you! I will show you the power of the Coopers!” Banging a fist on the table, he shouted, “I’ll bid eight billion!”

‘Nine billion!” Jared responded without hesitation.

‘Ten billion! I’ll bid ten billion!” Sean’s eyes were bloodshot as he howled like a madman.

After Sean shouted out his bid, everyone shifted their gaze to Jared, expecting him to respond.

Yet, Jared did not say anything, merely smiled.

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