The Man’s Decree – Chapter 578

Chapter 578 I Do Not Want It Anymore “Young man, you…”

‘I don’t want it anymore. You can sell it to him for ten billion.”

Jared smiled faintly as he waved at Galen, signaling the latter to return the bank card to him.

Galen threw the bank card at Jared with a puzzled look. However, the price had been raised by another four billion with his interruption, so Galen was happy with the outcome. He decided not to care about what Jared’s intention was.

When Sean realized Jared had stopped bidding, he sneered. “You are still too naive to compete with the Coopers…”

“Mr. Cooper, the Disc of Eight Trigrams is yours. You can transfer the money now!” Galen said.

Pausing momentarily, Sean then uttered with embarrassment, “Mr. Zane, I will pay you five billion first. Please give me some time to collect the rest. I will bank in everything the latest by tonight!”

Galen pondered for a while before nodding.
“Mr. Cooper, I will agree to it because it’s you. I wouldn’t have if it were others.”

Sean transferred five billion to Galen right away, and Galen handed the Disc of Eight Trigrams to him. “Mr. Cooper, I need to go to the restroom with Mr. Yonce. Once we are back, I will ask him to create the geomancy assay for you. Please get the money as soon as possible!”

“Sure. Will do!” Sean accepted the Disc of Eight Trigrams with excitement.

After Galen and Boris went out, only all the wealthy families of Jadeborough were left in the room.

Sean clutched the Disc of Eight Trigrams tightly. He looked triumphant as his gaze filled with pride.

“Congratulations, Mr. Cooper!”

“With that talisman, the Coopers will excel even more!”

‘Even though it’s a little expensive, it’s indeed something good…”

Sean was beyond delighted after hearing all the compliments from the others.

“What’s there to be smug about? You bought a piece of cr*p.”

Just then, Jared snorted coldly.

‘Jared, are you jealous? You jained the bid too just now, yet here you are saying it’s a piece of cr*p. Even ifit is, it belongs to me now! It’s something you will never have!” Sean sneered mockingly.

‘I’m sure he is jealous. The Disc of Eight Trigrams is indeed a rare piece!”

‘He’s just an amateur and probably doesn’t know much about this stuff. Don’t listen to him!”

‘I think he’s just here to create a fuss!”

The crown started mocking Jared.

“Mr. Chance, what should we do?’ Samuel had a grim expression on his face. The Coopers now had possession of the Disc of Eight Trigrams. If what Boris said was true, the Coopers would have great luck, and it was just a matter of time before they got rid of the Baileys.

Jared smiled at Samuel and did not say anything. He waved his hand, and Galen and Boris’ voices appeared in the room the next second. It was like a speaker was broadcasting their voices into the room. Everyone was stunned as they listened closely.

“Hahaha. What a lucky day! This bunch of rich people are so foolish. We even earned ten billion with a useless piece of wood!”

Galen let out a boisterous laugh.

‘Indeed, it was beyond our expectation this time. All these so-called mages are blind.
However, that guy called Jared was able to tell that it wasn’t a real talisman. Luckily, I was quick-witted and did not allow him to inspect it!” Boris uttered.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Yonce. I will personally send the money to your house later.
I am counting on you for the geomancy assay later!” Galen said.

‘Forget the geomancy assay. There is no way one could finish such a formation in a short time. Later, I will just use some magecraft to fool those guys. They won’t be able to tell the difference anyway. By the time they realize anything is wrong, we will be long gone…”


Both of them laughed simultaneously.

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