The Man’s Decree – Chapter 579

Chapter 579 You Fooled Me

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded. They scanned the surroundings but failed to find any speaker in the room. However, those were indeed Galen and Boris’ voices.

Sean was the one who had the darkest expression at the moment. If the conversation were real, he would be the biggest victim as he had purchased that talisman.

Sean cast a baffled look at Barnabus. “Mr. Holt, please be honest with me. Is this Disc of Eight Trigrams really a talisman?”

Barnabus’ face was filled with embarrassment as he furrowed his brows. “Mr. Cooper, indeed, I can’t tell if it is a real talisman…”

“That’s impossible. Didn’t you activate some of its arrays earlier? Why can’t you tell?” Sean asked in disbelief.

Barnabus’ face turned red. At this point, he had no choice but to confess, “To be honest, it was merely a magecraft of mine. I don’t have the ability to detect if there is an arcane array inside of this Disc of Eight Trigrams. As for whether Mr. Yonce’s arcane array is real or not, I couldn’t tell either. After all, there is a huge gap between our abilities…”

Sean was rendered speechless upon hearing that.

“Mr. Chance, so you noticed it since the beginning?” Samuel asked Jared with a startled look.

‘I already said earlier on that this Disc of Eight Trigrams was a piece of useless wood. Yet, no one believed me.”

Jared smiled faintly.

The crowd heard what Jared said and lowered their heads in embarrassment. Some of them had even provoked Jared earlier. Yet, it turned out he was the real deal.

“You punk, so you were trying to fool me?!” Sean finally realized why Jared had joined the bidding even though he already knew this Disc of Eight Trigrams was fake.

He deliberately raised the bidding price so that I would pay an exorbitant amount for this piece of cr*p!

“Sean, Mr. Chance did tell you that it was a useless piece, but you didn’t believe him. How could you say that he fooled you? Galen was the one who fooled you. You should confront him instead!” Samuel told Sean.

“Of course, I am going to look for him!” Sean was beyond infuriated.

Silence once again descended upon the room, but the atmosphere became extremely tense.
All those so-called mages secretly slipped away. Barnabus was also too embarrassed to stay as he left abruptly.

Samuel stared at Jared with excitement and admiration. Jared’s capabilities were far beyond his expectation. He felt privileged to have Jared’s support behind the Baileys.

The other wealthy families changed their view toward Jared as well. Some even wanted to get close to him. However, they did not dare to open their mouths as they recalled how they had mocked him just now.

Sean was overwhelmed with rage as he placed his hand on his waist. There was a switch there. If he pressed it, he could instantly pull out a whip sword.

Once Galen returned and Sean confirmed what they had heard was the truth, he would use his whip sword to kill the swindler. How could I let him humiliate me in front of all the rich people in Jadeborough? How am I going to survive in Jadeborough from now on?

By this point, Sean was trembling incessantly.
He could not wait to find a place to vent his fury.

Soon, the door opened. Galen and Boris walked in with wide smiles on their faces.
However, they sensed the atmosphere had changed the second they stepped inside. They also noticed all the mages had left.

Galen frowned slightly but did not give much thought to it. Since the item was sold, maybe they felt it was pointless to stay!

“Mr. Cooper, how is it going with the money?

Please hand over the Disc of Eight Trigrams.

Mr. Yonce will create the geomancy assay for you now!” Galen said to Sean happily.

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