The Man’s Decree – Chapter 581

Chapter 581 That Is Impossible

Boris took a step forward and stood in front of Galen. His body exploded with a deadly aura, and the place’s temperature dropped tremendously.

‘Boris, in respect of your status as a mage, I won’t go against you if you stay out of this.
Don’t forget you are in Jadeborough. So what if you are the number one mage in Zaprington? My men are already on their way.”

Sean did not want to be engaged in a fight with Boris. After all, the latter was a famous mage, so Sean was worried he would lose.

“Cut the nonsense. If you dare to lay your hand on Mr. Zane, you will be offending me!”

Boris was not frightened at all.
“You asked for it then.”

Sean swung his whip sword slightly, and a dazzling white light flashed through the room.
Based on this movement alone, it was evident that Sean was a Senior Grandmaster.

The sharp blade sped toward Boris at unimaginable speeds.

Everyone retreated to the corners. They did not want to interfere in this fight as they did not want to offend either the Coopers or Galen.

“What an ignorant kid!”

Boris snorted coldly. His sleeve robe bulged up like a blower expanding before he gently waved it forward.


A loud ringing, like metal colliding with metal, sounded when Sean’s whip sword slashed at Boris’ sleeve.

Sean’s expression turned ugly instantly as his sword failed to pierce through his opponent’s clothes.

“Mr. Cooper, forget about the remaining balance of five billion. I will make the geomancy assay on the Disc of Eight Trigrams for you, so let that be the end of this matter.
How about that?”

Boris did not want to fight to the death with Sean either. After all, even if he managed to defeat Sean, the entire Cooper family would come after them. If that happened, they might not be able to leave Jadeborough.

‘That is impossible.”

Sean gritted his teeth as his gaze filled with rage.

There was no way he would give in at this point. So many people are watching. If I agree to this, my reputation and influence in Jadeborough will be ruined! How am I going to look anyone in the eye in the future?

‘Don’t force me to kill you,” Boris said with a slight frown.

“Bring it on!” Sean shouted as a terrifying aura exploded out of his body.

The whip sword in his hand started to dance again, this time even more rapidly. The barrage of attacks bore down on Galen and Boris.

Galen’s heart skipped a beat upon seeing that.
After all, he was not a martial artist but merely a businessman. He had seen a lot of things throughout his career, but he had rarely encountered such a battle.

Even though he had Boris at his side, he was petrified as he stared at the whip sword surrounding them.

If I knew the Coopers were so powerful, I wouldn’t have cheated so much money out of them. But who would have known that a fake Disc of Eight Trigrams could go up to 10 billion!? It’s all that guy’s fault. If it weren’t for him, Sean wouldn’t have found out that it was a fake.

Galen shot a furious look at Jared, who was sitting in a relaxed manner while drinking his tea. There was an amused expression on Jared’s face as he watched the baitle, not at all daunted by the scene.

Since Sean did not look like he was going to stop anytime soon, Boris frowned before stretching out both his hands. A halo appeared around him and Galen, like a giant shield protecting them.

The whip sword’s attacks charged toward them but were all blocked by the shield. Sean had failed to harm them at all.

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