The Man’s Decree – Chapter 582

Chapter 582 Merely A Misunderstanding

Sean paled in fright upon seeing that. It seemed like his strength could not be compared to Boris’ at all.

Boris had not even made a move at Sean. Or else, the latter might be injured by now.

Just then, chaotic footsteps approached. A dozen men poured in, all fierce-looking. They were Sean’s men.

As soon as they reached the scene, they surrounded Galen and Boris without hesitation.

Sean felt relieved after seeing his backup arriving. Even if I have to mobilize all the men at the Coopers’ disposal, I must not let Galen leave. I must not let him embarrass the Coopers like this!

Noticing the fuss, many who were outside came in too, including Tristan, Walter, and Theodore.

Josephine and Lizbeth followed them in as well. They were worried that Jared had gotten into a conflict with the Coopers.

After they found out the fight did not involve Jared, Josephine heaved a sigh of relief.

‘Jared, what’s going on?” Josephine asked curiously.

Theodore also glanced at Samuel. “Mr. Bailey, what exactly is going on here? Why did Sean attack Mr. Zane?”

After all, Galen was a businessman from Zaprington. He had been coming to Jadeborough every year and had a good reputation. Why did he get into a conflict with the Coopers?

Samuel briefed Theodore about the whole situation. Theodore was enraged after knowing Galen was a fraud.

Jadeborough is my territory. How dare you cheat money here? Are you looking down on me?

“Galen, how dare you do such a thing in Jadeborough? Is the Department of Justice nothing to you?!” Theodore failed to suppress his temper as he snapped at Galen.

Even though Galen was inside Boris’ shield, his heart still skipped a beat after hearing Theodore’s wrathful shout.

Boris’ expression darkened as he saw Theodore sticking his nose into the matter.

“General Jackson, it was all a misunderstanding. I can return the money to Mr. Cooper…”

Galen started to panic. After all, the Department of Justice was an official government organization. If they got involved, Galen feared he would not be able to go back to Zaprington even with Boris’ help.

Theodore did not want to make a bigger mess of things. When he heard that Galen intended to return the money, he turned to Sean. “Sean, Mr. Zane has agreed to refund you. What do you think?”

That was what Sean wanted. Hence, he figured he should drop the matter. After all, things might get nasty if he continued to fight against Boris.

“All right. If you return my money to me, I will drop this matter.” Sean nodded and agreed.

Galen immediately took out his phone and refunded the money to Sean. Boris also retracted his shield.

After finishing transferring the money, Galen glanced at Theodore. “General Jackson, can we go now?”

“Go ahead!” Theodore nodded and made way for them.

Sean waved his hand at his subordinates, who.
all stood aside as well.

Galen and Boris made their way to the door. As they walked past Jared, they both cast a furious look at him.

“Mr. Chance, you should keep an eye over your shoulder. They might come back for you,” Samuel warned Jared upon noticing the expressions on Galen and Boris’ faces.

‘It’s all right.” Jared displayed a faint smile.

The antique exhibition auction turned out to be a fraud, and there was no talisman at all. Jared felt it had been a waste of his time as he had gained nothing out of it.

When he was getting ready to leave, Sean blocked his way.

“Sean, what are you doing?” Theodore asked immediately upon seeing that.

“General Jackson, don’t worry. I just want to have a talk with him!” Sean answered with a smile.

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