The Man’s Decree – Chapter 583

Chapter 583 A Big Liar

‘If you are thinking of threatening me, forget it.
I don’t like to listen to nonsense.”

Jared cast a disdainful look at Sean and started walking out.


Staring at Jared’s back, Sean gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

If Samuel and Theodore were not present, Sean might have attacked Jared already. I have so many men with me now. I don’t believe I can’t defeat him!

“Wait and see, you punk. Theodore won’t always be around to protect you,” Sean threatened loudly.

Jared ignored him completely as he did not turn around at all.

Samuel was the one who halted in his tracks and turned around. “Sean, as long as the Baileys are around, don’t you ever think of laying a hand on Mr. Chance.”

‘Pfft! You will get what is coming to you after Xander regains his freedom. Who do you think you are? You Baileys will pay for this!” Sean spat coldly.

Samuel’s expression turned cold.
Nevertheless, he turned around and left.

Sean was right. If Xander was released, the Baileys might not be able to defeat the Coopers. After all, no one would be able to predict precisely how powerful Xander had become.

Fortunately, the Baileys still had Jared on their side. Hence, Samuel did not bother much about Sean’s threat. The only thing he needed to do was to please Jared.

They walked out of the room and came to the main hall. To their surprise, Boris and Galen had not left yet but were conversing with a middle-aged man.

Jared could not wrap his head around it. They had just been exposed for their lies, nearly losing their lives. Yet, they still dared to stay there and chat. I thought they would be running for their lives now.

Theodore’s expression changed slightly upon seeing the middle-aged man. Without hesitation, he walked toward them.

“Secretary Kelley, what brings you here?”

Theodore acted respectfully toward Daniel Kelley, the middle-aged man.

“My boss heard that the number one mage of Zaprington was here, so he asked me to invite Mr. Yonce to his place,” Daniel uttered.

“Why would he invite them there?” Theodore cast a glance at Galen and Baris.

“General Jackson, you know Mr. Cadden’s son has been in bed for over a year. Since Mr.
Yonce is here in Jadeborough, Mr. Cadden wants to let him have a look,” Daniel explained.

‘I see!” Theodore did not expose the men’s fraud in front of Daniel.

“Mr. Yonce, this way please. The car is waiting outside.”

Daniel bowed toward Boris.

At that moment, Boris had an arrogant look on his face. He knew whoever invited him must be someone with high status in Jadeborough.
After all, even Theodore, the leader of the Department of Justice, respected his secretary.

Boris walked outside with his chest puffed up while Daniel followed him. Coincidentally, Sean walked out at that time and saw that scene.

His expression darkened after seeing the person behind Boris.

Even though he had gotten his money back, this incident was still a huge embarrassment for the Coopers. He had originally planned to take revenge against Galen and Boris before they left Jadeborough, yet after seeing Daniel behind Boris, he gave up on this idea.

“Who is he?” Jared asked curiously after seeing Theodore acting so humbly toward Daniel.

“Mr. Chance, he is the secretary of Mr.
Jermaine Cadden, the leader of Senary Porta.
don’t know why a man with such status would invite that liar over,” Samuel uttered.

After Samuel found out that Boris was in cahoots with Galen to cheat people of their money, he had lost all respect for Boris.

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