The Man’s Decree – Chapter 585

Chapter 585 A Medical Consultation

“Who are you?” a guard questioned nervously when Theodore arrived with Jared at the entrance.

Theodore hurried forward and explained, “A pleasure to meet you. I’m Theodore Jackson, the general of the Department of Justice, and I’m here to meet Mr. Cadden.”

After carefully sizing the man up, the guard finally regained his poise and said, “So it’s General Jackson. I’ll report it right away.”

As soon as his words fell, he strode off, leaving Jared and Theodore waiting outside.

Meanwhile, Galen and Boris were in the living room, and opposite them was a man in his fifties, who had a squarish face and a burly physique.

That middle-aged man had a dignified and authoritative presence, possibly explaining why even Zaprington’s wealthy businessman, Galen, and best mage, Boris, would behave so respectfully before him.

He was no other than the leader of Senary Porta, Jermaine Cadden, who had participated in many wars and won many accolades.

“Mr. Zane, Mr. Yonce, please forgive me for having my men inviting you over so suddenly,” Jermaine said politely.

“You’re too kind, Mr. Cadden. It’s our honor to be able to share your woes.” Galen was pleasantly surprised by the man’s politeness.

Similarly, Boris also chimed in, “It’s our honor that we’re of use to you. We will do our very best to help you out if there’s a need.”

A smile instantly appeared on Jermaine’s face.
“Since you’ve said that, I won’t hold back then.
I suppose you should’ve heard that I have a son. He has been bedridden for more than a year because of an injury. Mr. Yonce, I was hoping you could take a look at him to see if he could be cured…”

“Could you bring me over to your son so that I can check on his condition?” Boris asked courteously.

“Of course! Come with me then.” Jermaine nodded and prepared to take Boris and Galen to the bedroom.

At the same time, a guard walked in hastily and whispered something next to his ear.

After listening to the former, he ordered, “Let them in.”

Then, he turned to Boris and voiced apologetically, “Mr. Yonce, I have a guest here to visit. Perhaps you two can have a rest first? I’ll lead you over in a while.”

“Sure. No worries, Mr. Cadden!” Boris nodded profusely.

Shortly afterward, Theodore and Jared were brought into the living room.

The former immediately made an apology upon meeting Jermaine. “Sorry for the abrupt visit. I hope we’re not imposing on you, Mr. Cadden.”

‘Is there something important, Theodore? Go ahead and tell me. I still have other matters on hand.”

Jermaine thought Theadore had visited him at his house because of an urgent matter.

He did not spare a glance at Jared the whole time, seemingly assuming the latter was.
Theodore’s subordinate.

However, Galen and Boris could not help but furrow their brows in unison upon seeing Theodore and Jared’s arrival.

“Mr. Cadden, I heard your son has been in a coma for a year now. Thus, I’ve specially brought Mr. Chance here to treat your son.”

After verbalizing the reason behind his visit, Theodore turned to Jared and continued, “Mr.
Chance, this is Mr. Cadden.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Cadden.” Jared gave a light nod and reached his hand out to Jermaine for a handshake.

However, the latter did not reciprocate. Instead, he sized Jared up and frowned. What could a young man in his twenties possibly do?

It was worthy to note that Jermaine had consulted experts from around the globe regarding his son’s illness. Unfortunately, he failed to find a cure to date.

Eventually, although it would not reflect well on him if the public were to find out how a great leader like him believed in magecraft, Jermaine was ready to risk everything and determined to seek help from Boris to find a cure for his son.
If he had not exhausted all possible solutions, he would not have resorted to inviting Boris over either.

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