The Man’s Decree – Chapter 588

Chapter 588 Half Correct

Jermaine nodded. “Since Mr. Yonce has said so, hold on then.”

Upon receiving the permission, the girl immediately moved aside for Boris to take a better look at Josiah’s right hand. The mage then lifted the young man’s arm directly.

Aside from the putrid stench spreading across the entire room, what came within sight was how the five fingers on Josiah’s right hand had turned dark in color, with blood streaming out of his wounds continuously.

“Mr. Cadden, how did your son get hurt?” Boris inquired.

‘I heard from his classmate that he was bitten on his fingers by something. Because of that, he became unconscious and fell onto the floor, knocking his head hard on the ground. He turned into this state since then. I’ve consulted many professionals and done all sorts of tests.
The consensus is that Josiah isn’t poisoned, nor does he have a brain injury. Yet, no one could tell why he hasn’t regained consciousness, and worst still, he’s relying on the ventilator for life support,” Jermaine revealed.

“Bitten?” A crease began to form between Boris’ brows as he stared at Josiah’s dark fingers. “So, the wounds on his fingers never healed?”

“Yes, it has been in that state. He needs our constant attention to help him change into a clean wound dressing soaked in antiseptic.
Otherwise, it’ll rot and start to smell after some time. We’ve even seen maggots crawling and feeding on his exposed flesh before.” Jermaine could not help but direct a distressed gaze to Josiah as he spoke.

‘l see. If I’m not wrong, your son must’ve gotten bit by a venomous parasite from Mapleton. And the cause for his vegetative state is no other than that,” Boris announced.

“A venomous parasite from Mapleton?” Jermaine frowned. “If that’s the case, why aren’t there any signs of poisoning in the tests the experts have done for him?”

Boris displayed a faint smile. “Mr. Cadden, if lab tests can reveal the reason for poisoning, then I don’t think there’s a need for you to invite me over, isn’t it? In this world, there are many things that machines can’t trace!”

Hearing those words, Jermaine could only flash him an awkward smile. He’s right. If those experts and professionals could save Josiah, there’s no need for me to invite him here.

“Well, Mr. Yonce, since we’ve found the reason, do you have a cure for Josiah?” he asked eagerly.

‘I can only try my best. Though I’ve heard that Mapleton is a level above the rest in terms of utilizing poisons, I’ve never encountered it.
However, Jadeborough is very far from Mapleton. How did their parasite appear here?”

In fact, Boris was mind-boggled because he reckoned it was unlikely for Mapleton’s venomous parasites to travel such a long journey to Jadeborough.

“Mr. Yonce, let’s not be bothered about that first. The most important matter on hand is to treat Josiah right away.”

All that Jermaine cared for at that point was for Boris to cure Josiah. He could not be bothered over how the venomous parasite came about since it was an accident that occurred more than a year ago.

“All right. Let me try,” Boris agreed and pulled out a small cloth pouch. Inside, there was a row of silver needles of different thicknesses, and the thinnest one was probably as thin as a strand of hair.

At the sight of Boris giving Josiah medical treatment, Jermaine held his hands together tightly.

Theodore glanced at Jared and asked, “Mr.
Chance, is Boris’ diagnosis correct?”

In truth, he found the presence of Mapleton’s venomous parasites at Jadeborough a little unbelievable. After all, it was a mandatory protocol for the people of Mapleton to inform the Department of Justice in advance about their arrival in Jadeborough. Otherwise, the whole country would descend into chaos if those people were to roam around freely with their venomous parasites.

“He’s right, but wrong too,” Jared answered with a half-smile.

“What do you mean?” Theodore was confused.

“He’s only half correct. The man on the bed, without a doubt, is bitten by a venomous parasite, thus explaining why his wounds not only don’t recover but will even fester. But the bite from the parasite is not the cause of his prolonged unconsciousness,” Jared explained.

“So, what’s the cause?” Theodore asked inquisitively.

Before he received an answer, he saw Boris turning around to look at Jared. “What’s the matter? Are you trying to say that I’m wrong? If you have what it takes, come and give it a shot instead of making comments at the back. Stop being pretentious!”

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