The Man’s Decree – Chapter 589

Chapter 589 Shut Up

Boris withdrew the silver needle in his hand and regarded Jared glacially.

“What does a young man like you know? How dare you doubt Mr. Yonce’s diagnosis? If you think you’re that amazing, instead of making those sarcastic remarks, why don’t you move forward to show how much of an expert you are?” Galen spat contemptuously.

“Galen, I’m sure Mr. Chance has his reason for saying that. I know you’ve plotted with Boris to scam people. You’re a bunch of swindlers. Yet you’re calling yourselves masters?” Theodore

snapped at him.

Hearing those harsh remarks, Galen could not help but turn grim as he felt a chill down his spine. Meanwhile, Boris was not faring any better. The word “swindlers” was a crushing blow in his face.

He had decided to collaborate with Galen as he thought nothing would go wrong with the scam that time around. Yet, at that point, he feared that his reputation would plummet since Jared had exposed him on the spot.

At that thought, Boris’ gaze toward Jared became much more hostile. It was as though he wished he could skin the latter alive.

“Since you’ve called us swindlers, I believe it isn’t appropriate for us to continue treating Mr.
Cadden’s son. If you guys have what it takes, go ahead and treat him by all means.”

Then, Boris spun on his heels and trotted to one side. Deep inside, he was optimistic that he could cure Josiah because he had found the cause of the latter’s condition.
Nonetheless, he still went ahead to make the matter sound grave for one particular motive— to heighten Jermaine’s anxiety level so that the man would see value in Galen and him.

Since Jared disagreed with his diagnosis, Boris decided to seize the opportunity to have the former attempt at treating Josiah. Deeming the younger man incapable of removing the toxin, he reckoned the treatment would undoubtedly fail. When that happened, he could incite Jermaine to deal with Jared.

Anxiety swamped Jermaine when he saw Boris had discontinued his treatment. “Mr. Yonce, you don’t have to mind what the others say.
What matters is my trust in you. Please save Josiah, Mr. Yonce.”

The man did not hesitate to humble himself for the sake of his son.

“Mr. Cadden, it’s not that I don’t want to continue with the treatment. Someone’s questioning my skills now, and General Jackson even called us swindlers. How do you expect me to go on? Won’t that mean I won’t be able to explain myself if something goes wrong during the treatment? Since Jared also seems to be able to tell the cause of Mr.
Josiah’s condition, let him treat Mr. Josiah,” Boris stated in an unhurried tone.

Boris had acted that way simply because he knew Jermaine was at his mercy. After alll, it was no easy feat to remove the toxin of the venomous parasite in Josiah’s body. Even if Jermaine could hire other mages over, that would not necessarily mean that they could cure his son.

“Mr. Yonce, then Jared—”

“Mr. Cadden, Mr. Chance is undoubtedly a talented genius. I’m confident he’ll be able to cure Mr. Josiah. There’s no need for those two swindlers,” Theodore interrupted without waiting for Jermaine to complete his sentence.

“Shut up! Shut up right now!” Jermaine’s eyes were blazing with rage as he glared at Theodore. “The two of you get out now.”

It was his intention to let Jared watch a master like Boris treat patients as he figured such instances were rare to come by. He hoped it would dash the former’s conceit, and the young man would seize the opportunity to widen his knowledge.

However, he did not expect that Jared would turn out to be so full of himself and even find fault in Boris’ diagnosis. Anyone who had a temper would be annoyed by it.

“Mr. Cadden…” Sensing that Jermaine had flown into a rage again, Theodore instantly became anxious.

“That’s enough. There’s no point in saying anything else. You two can leave now. Don’t interrupt Mr. Yonce.” Jermaine waved his hand in dismissal as he gave out an order with a frosty countenance.

Whether Jared was well versed in medicine did not matter. To Jermaine, the young man in his early twenties could never be comparable to Boris, be it capability or experience.

Essentially, the title of the best mage in Zaprington was not solely for entertainment purposes. Boris had to have the competencies to be worthy of that title.

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