The Man’s Decree – Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Mental Impairment

At that scene, Galen smiled smugly. With Jermaine around, he did not have to be afraid of Theodore.

With a sneer, he bombarded Theodore with questions. “General Jackson, how could a mature adult like you be fooled by a brat? You have to remember that we’re treating Mr.
Cadden’s son here. Are you able to bear the consequence if anything untoward happens to Mr. Josiah? It seems likely that you’ve deliberately arranged for Jared to misdiagnose Mr. Josiah so that the poor young man’s life will be in danger! What is your ulterior motive?”

Flustered by Galen’s sudden accusation, Theodore bellowed, “Galen Zane, what are you talking about? Why would I put Mr. Josiah’s life in danger on purpose? Don’t you dare slander me! Mr. Chance does have the capability to treat Mr. Cadden’s son.”

“You’re just bluffing us! How can we trust you when we’ve never witnessed his so-called capability? If he’s as capable as you’ve claimed, get him to explain to us what happened to Mr. Cadden’s son! Didn’t he point out that Mr. Yonce was only half correct about it?” Galen mocked.

He was applying reverse psychology, hoping that Jared would reveal his true colors.
Moreover, he did not believe that the latter was.
even more skillful than Boris. Pfft! Even Mr.
Yonce can’t detect the cause, let alone him!

‘Mr. Chance…” Theadore looked at Jared expectantly, wishing for him to convince everyone about his skills, particularly Jermaine.

Meanwhile, Jermaine had also turned to look at Jared as he was curious about the latter’s diagnosis. Similarly, Boris fastened his gaze on the latter, planning to gauge Jared’s ability through that incident.

Sensing that everyone fixated their gazes on him, Jared sat on a chair beside him and explained, “Mr. Cadden, your son was undoubtedly bitten by a venomous parasite. If we don’t stop the bleeding and apply antiseptic to his wound in time, I foresee it won’t be long before his hand has to be amputated!”

He paused and added, “Mr. Cadden, I need to point out another thing. Your son is currently in a vegetative state due to his mental impairment. It has nothing much to do with the toxin from the venomous parasite.”

‘Mental impairment?” Jermaine was dumbfounded.

“Mr. Chance, what do you mean by mental impairment?” Theodore asked curiously.

‘In simpler terms, mental impairment can be explained as a condition whereby the person’s soul parted from their body after being frightened out of their wits. That’s why he has been unconscious for a long time,” Jared explained further.

Theodore, Jermaine, and Galen were flabbergasted. They were neither mages nor cultivators, so they were clueless about such a phenomenon.

When Galen finally regained his composure after quite a while, he guffawed and jeered, ‘Jared Chance, I bet you must be talking nonsense! Don’t you know that Mr. Yonce is deemed the best mage in Zaprington? If Mr.
Josiah’s soul parted from his body due to a scare, don’t you think he would have detected it earlier? Stop bluffing! You can’t deceive us with such lies!”

Likewise, Jermaine did not believe Jared, too, as the latter’s diagnosis was overly casual. At the same time, he was greatly displeased by how Jared directly stated that his son was ina coma because of a nasty fright.

“Since he can’t detect it, I can only comment that he’s a good-for-nothing. How dare he claims himself as the best mage in Zaprington! Apparently, he doesn’t have any sense of shame!” Jared responded sardonically with a smirk.

‘Jared, stop running your mouth! Since you know the cause of Mr. Josiah’s condition, why don’t you treat him now? If you manage to cure him, I, Boris Yonce, will grovel at your feet and beg for your forgiveness. But if you fail to do so, I’ll chase you out and hire someone to throw you into the river!” Boris snapped, wearing a look of sheer grimness.

Hearing that, Jermaine jumped in and yelled apprehensively, “No way! My son is not a test subject! Don’t you dare to make a bet on him!”

He turned to look at Theodore the next moment and instructed, “Theodore, bring this Jared Chance out at once! It’s an order!”

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