The Man’s Decree – Chapter 591

Chapter 591 Invite Us Back Inside

At the sight of Jermaine’s expression, Theodore parted his lips in an attempt to speak, but not a single word fell from his lips.
except for a sigh.

“Mr. Chance, let’s go out.” He had no choice but to comply with Jermaine’s command.

Jared nodded. “Sure. I bet they’ll invite us back inside within ten minutes!”

The second those words fell from his lips, Galen burst out laughing heartily. “Am I hearing things? Did you say that Mr. Cadden will invite you back inside? Who do you think you are? With Mr. Yonce around, you have no business here! My, you’re truly great at being pretentious!”

A smirk touched Boris’ lips. “I’ve never come across such a boastful person. Youngsters should keep a low profile.”

At that moment, Jermaine’s expression was grim. There was no way someone of his identity would swallow his pride to request a youngster like Jared to return after kicking him out.

Theodore’s heart was in his mouth. Fearful of incurring Jermaine’s wrath, he pleaded, “Mr.
Chance, please don’t say anything further…”

‘Theodore Jackson, I’ll let you off this round.
But mark my words—I won’t let you off the hook next time if you bring any random person you find over to my place again!” Jermaine growled.

“Mr. Cadden, I-I get it!” Theodore nodded continuously to placate Jermaine before dragging Jared out of the room.

Once they were out of the bedroom, Jared sat on the couch in the living room right away. That stunned Theodore, who whispered hastily, “Mr.
Chance, it seems that Mr. Cadden doesn’t trust you. I think we’d better leave now. What if he comes out and happens to see us here?”

Undeniably, Jermaine had instructed him to bring Jared out of the house, not have them wait in the living room. If Jared remained seated on the couch and were caught by Jermaine, Theodore would surely be implicated.

‘If we leave, his son will surely meet his end.
General Jackson, take it easy. Come take a seat on the couch with me and wait for them to call us back in within ten minutes!” Jared reassured.

Next, he even poured himself and Theodore a cup of tea each.

Buoyed up by the confidence in Jared’s tone and status as a cultivator, Theodore gritted his teeth before taking the seat on the

couch. Whatever! I was the one who brought him here, so I might as well go through with it!

While they sat sipping tea in the living room, Jermaine pleaded with Boris to treat Josiah earnestly. “Mr. Yonce, I’ll entrust you with my son’s life. If you succeed in saving him, I’ll certainly reward you handsomely. On top of that, I’ll hold a magecraft conference for you in Jadeborough so that your reputation can spread throughout the city.”

His attitude was downright humble. However, Boris knew the higher the hope Jermaine placed on him, the riskier the situation was for him. If he could cure Josiah, both parties would be delighted. If it were otherwise, he and Galen would be in deep water.

“Mr. Cadden, don’t worry. I promise to do my best. Anyway, I still have the confidence to get rid of the toxin from the venomous parasite of Mapleton!” Boris declared, positive that he would succeed since he had treated someone bitten by a venomous parasite before.

“Mr. Yonce, please begin the treatment, then!” Jermaine requested, imbued with anticipation.

Regardless of his prominent social status and position, Jermaine was like any other ordinary father who loved their children dearly. All he wanted was for his son to recover.

Boris nodded and advanced toward Josiah’s bed again. The next second, he whipped out the cloth pouch containing the silver needles.

After picking a silver needle, he poked Josiah’s finger lightly with it. Miraculously, the glittering, slender piece of metal turned black within seconds.

“He has been poisoned for quite a while, so the toxin has invaded his heart. Thus, I can only go the other way around…” he explained and took out another silver needle almost twenty centimeters long. It was the longest one in his pouch.

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