The Man’s Decree – Chapter 592

Chapter 592 Simple Trick

Boris started chanting as he held the silver needle in his hand. After a while, it started shaking maniacally, resulting in a series of buzzing sounds resembling the ones made by insects.

As the silver needle shook faster, a pale blue flame gradually formed on Boris’ fingertips, engulfing the piece of metal and burning it bright red.

The whole time, Boris did not loosen his grip on the silver needle despite the heat. That scene astounded Jermaine as he had never seen anyone apply magecraft before. Not to mention, he could not bring himself to believe it since he was the leader of Senary Porta.

Nonetheless, he was awestruck and at a loss for words when he saw the overwhelming scene with his own eyes.

With a gaze filled with admiration, he praised, “Mr. Yonce, no wonder you’re known as the best mage in Zaprington! It’s incredible!”

“Mr. Cadden, this is just a simple trick. Mr.
Yonce’s capabilities are beyond our imagination. He can even bring someone back from the dead!” Galen declared proudly when he caught sight of Jermain’s reaction.

Although Jermaine knew the notion of resurrection was absurd, he did not doubt Galen’s words after witnessing how Boris could do miracles with the silver needle.

In the meantime, Boris held the fiery red needle and poked it toward Josiah’s heart. The moment it pierced the young man’s skin, a series of petrifying hissing sounds rang out.
There was even a whiff of a burnt smell permeating the air.

On pins and needles, Jermaine interlaced his fingers together tightly. He had a strong urge to ask Boris if that was a safe method, fearing that his son’s life would be put on the line when the needle pierced through his heart.
Nevertheless, he restrained himself from interrupting Boris, fearful of causing any hiccups with his impulsiveness.

Very quickly, the long silver needle pierced through Josiah’s chest, leaving only a small section still exposed. On the heels of that, black blood started oozing out from the tip and then gradually began spurting out.

Only then did Jermaine realize that the silver needle was hollow. More and more black blood spewed out of it as time elapsed.

At that sight, Boris hastily whipped out a few more silver needles and pierced all of them into Josiah’s body.

Immediately afterward, Josiah’s body shuddered, and he opened his eyes and mouth abruptly.

Jermaine was flushed with excitement when his son opened his eyes. “Josiah! You’ve finally woken up! Josiah, look at me!” he yelled, darting toward the bed.

However, Josiah’s blood-red eyes remained fastened on the ceiling. It was as though he could not hear his father’s cries.

Puzzled by Josiah’s unresponsiveness, Jermaine turned to look at Boris and asked, “Mr. Yonce, what’s the matter with my son? Why doesn’t he seem to recognize me after recovering consciousness?”

“Mr. Cadden, calm down. He’ll be fine soon!” Boris replied composedly.

In his heart, he was relieved that Josiah had regained consciousness. With a wave of his arms, all the silver needles were removed from the latter’s body.

Boris’ placidness set Jermaine’s mind at ease.

While he waited patiently for his son to recognize him, a roar was suddenly emitted from the latter’s agape mouth, scaring him out of his wits.

The sudden roar gave Boris and Galen a jolt too.

After his bellow, Josiah, who had been lying in bed, sat up abruptly, his eyes still blood-red. As wisps of black mist spewed out of his mouth, his face turned black speedily.

It was as though his entire body had blackened and festered in a blink of an eye. The horrifying transformation sent a shiver down Jermaine’s spine.

Meanwhile, Boris stood rooted to the ground, for he never expected such a drastic change in Josiah’s condition. I’ve successfully expelled the toxin from his body. How’s it possible for his condition to suddenly deteriorate?

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