The Man’s Decree – Chapter 593

Chapter 593 The Parasite

“Mr. Yonce, what’s wrong with my son? What on earth is going on?” Jermaine questioned Boris loudly.

“Mr. Cadden, please remain calm. I’ll check on him now to find out what’s happening!” Boris tried to appease him.

As he spoke, he stretched out his hands and smacked Josiah on the back. With every slap, clouds of black mist were expelled out of his mouth.

“Ah!” Josiah never stopped letting out blood- curdling yowls.

At that moment, he resembled a ferocious.
beast with his blood-red eyes. The way he stared at Boris fixedly felt as though he intended to stab him to death with his horrifying gaze.

His menacing glower made the latter’s hair stand on end.

Boris could not fathom how such a horrendous twist occurred. However, he could only leave no stones unturned to expel the toxin from Josiah’s body for the time being. His forehead beaded with cold sweat from concentration and fear.

In the living room, Theodore pricked up his ears when he seemed to overhear strange noises from Josiah’s bedroom. “Mr. Chance, what is going on inside the room?” he asked warily, paling a little.

‘It’s fine! Just sit back and relax!” Jared continued to savor his cup of tea, laid-back as ever.

‘Mr. Chance, we mustn’t let anything happen to Mr. Cadden! If not, we’ll be in big trouble!” Theodore said anxiously when he saw Jared was not the least bit concerned.

As the general of the Department of Justice in Jadeborough, he bore the responsibility to ensure the peace of Jadeborough and the security of all the leaders, such as Jermaine.
Thus, he had to shield the latter against any threats by hook or by crook.

If anything happened to Jermaine, Theodore would be held accountable for it as he was at the scene. It might be considered a capital offense!

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to Mr.
Cadden. I’m sure they’ll step out of the room within three minutes!” Jared commented after catching a glimpse of his watch.

Since he seemed highly confident, Theodore could not find it in himself to say anything else.
Hence, he could only look in the direction of Josiah’s bedroom, anxiousness coloring his features.

In the meantime, Boris was sweating profusely in the room. It seemed that the toxin in Josiah’s body could never be fully expelled. The whole bedroom was engulfed by the petrifying black mist that carried a revolting stench.

When he was about to throw his palm toward Josiah again, a black insect suddenly flew out from the latter’s mouth and advanced toward

him at an astonishing speed.

Boris’ face turned ashen instantaneously.
“Mind-controlling parasite! It’s a mind- controlling parasite! Run! Everyone, run!” he shrieked at the top of his lungs.

With a wave of his arms, a giant web weaved from countless red threads appeared and shielded him from the mind-controlling parasite.

Jermaine and Galen were utterly dumbstruck and watched the scene motionlessly. They could not understand why an insect would fly out of the mouth of someone who had been in a vegetative state for more than one year.

Besides, they were clueless about the mind- controlling parasite mentioned by Boris.

At the sight of Jermaine and Galen being as still as statues, Boris yelled again, “Run! Run out of the room now!”

He knew that he could not hold the parasite back anymore longer. The mind-controlling parasite was the most well-known venomous parasite of Mapleton. Apart from controlling the host’s mind, the person in control of the parasite would be able to end the host’s life at any moment.

Furthermore, it was even more challenging to deal with mind-controlling parasites of bigger sizes. The one that flew out from Josiah’s mouth a while ago was as big as a kid’s fist.
Boris presumed the person capable of manipulating such a big-sized mind-controlling parasite was no ordinary figure in Mapleton.

Although he had no idea who had the audacity to step on Jermaine’s toes by inflicting harm on his son with the mind-controlling parasite, his gut instinct told him it must be a master who was not intimidated by Jermaine’s status.

Only after Boris bellowed the second time did Jermain and Galen return to their senses and hastily dash out of the room.

Seeing that they had fled, Boris swiftly moved out of the room and closed the door behind him.

It was then he realized that his legs were shaking tremendously. Furthermore, his clothes were soaking wet from cold sweat that exuded from every pore of his body.

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