The Man’s Decree – Chapter 594

Chapter 594 Best Swindler

Seeing Jermaine run out of the room ina panic, Theodore quickly approached him. “Mr.

‘Theodore, you’re still here?” Jermaine blurted, surprised to see that he was still around.

“Mr. Chance said that Boris couldn’t treat your son and claimed that you guys would come out and beg for his help in ten minutes. Everything happened as per his prediction!” Theodore explained.

Only then did Jermaine notice Jared sipping tea on the couch. However, he could not be bothered to berate him as all he cared about at the moment was his son.

Distressed, he walked toward Boris and questioned, “Mr. Yonce, how is my son doing? What exactly is that insect? Why did it come out of his mouth? Please save him!”

Boris found it hard to answer, evident from the troubled look on his face. After all, he did boast of his ability to save Josiah, so Jermaine would not let him off the hook if he backtracked on his claim.

‘There’s no need to beg him. He can’t save your son. If he could, he wouldn’t have run out of the room pathetically.” Jared, who sat on the couch, finally spoke.

Jermaine turned his head and looked toward him. Although he did not trust Jared due to the latter’s young age, he had no choice but to place his faith in him at that juncture. “Mr.
Chance, can you save my son?” he asked.

‘I’ve said it earlier, but you refused to trust me!” Jared replied coldly.

That one statement was sufficient to embarrass Jermaine. It was difficult to describe the mixed feelings that swarmed his heart.

“Mr. Chance, Mr. Cadden was deceived by Boris. I hope you will forgive him and save his son, please!” Theodore implored, worried that Jared would refuse to help out because he bore a grudge against Jermaine for what happened earlier.

“All right!” Jared put his teacup aside and stood up.

“Stop trying to put on an act! Do you even know what parasite is inside Mr. Josiah’s body? You were wrong to have said that it was a mental impairment arising from fright!” Boris reprimanded Jared defensively upon seeing that the latter actually had the guts to try and treat Josiah.

Jared’s lips curled, and he drawled, “It’s just a mind-controlling parasite. There is nothing worth being concerned about, yet look at how terrified you are! How can someone like you be hailed as the best mage in Zaprington? The best swindler would be a more befitting title for you.”

In response, Boris fumed with anger. “Just a mind-controlling parasite? You’ll know that’s not the case once you see it yourself. You should know that mind-controlling parasites are the most venomous parasites in Mapleton! It is able to control the human mind! If you enter like this, you’ll become a puppet immediately…”

Jared merely chuckled, paying no heed to Boris’ warning. As he had killed hundreds of mind-controlling parasites in Crescent Sect, naturally, he was familiar with them. While the mind-controlling parasite was terrifying in the eyes of many, it was just like any ordinary insect to him.

Just when he was about to open the door to the bedroom, Boris scrambled to hide behind him. It was ludicrous to see the esteemed mage of Zaprington reacting in such a manner.

Meanwhile, Jermaine was disappointed to see Boris’ cowardly behavior. The embarrassment he previously felt intensified when he recalled his differential treatment toward Boris and Jared just moments ago. Ironically, the former was treated with respect, while the latter was spurned and distrusted by him.

The second Jared opened the door, a thick fog of black mist poured out of the room. Before he could even step inside, a black figure dashed out at lightning speed.

Theodore immediately raced forward to shield Jermaine while Boris fearfully dragged Galen away.

Only Jared stood motionless at the same spot.
As cool as a cucumber, he reached out and caught the black figure effortlessly.

When the mist dispersed, it soon became clear to everyone that the black figure was Josiah.
His eyes were blood-red, and his face twisted into a fearsome expression. Even though Jared seized him, he relentlessly and ferociously tried to pry his way out by clawing at the latter.

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