The Man’s Decree – Chapter 595

Chapter 595 Making Things Up

‘Josiah, Josiah…” Jermaine instantly called out to his son.

Staring at Josiah, Jared lifted his hand and wanted to smack him on his head.

In the nick of time, Josiah recovered to normal and looked at Jared in terror. His eyes were no longer red, and his facial muscles relaxed.

‘Dad, save me…” Josiah yelled at Jermaine all of a sudden.

Noticing that Jared refused to retract his arm when Josiah had recovered and was even going to hit the latter, Jermaine yelled anxiously, “Stop, stop!”

As he roared, he knocked Jared away forcefully so that his son would be freed. Then, he embraced Josiah tightly and cried, “Josiah, Josiah, you’ve finally recovered! You’re all right


‘Dad, what is going on? I’m terrified. I’m so afraid…” Josiah was shaking like a leaf.

‘It’s all right. Don’t worry. I’m here for you, and no one can hurt you.”

Jermaine stared at Josiah excitedly as tears started streaming down his cheeks.

However, Jared did not seem the least bit relieved that Josiah had recovered. In fact, his brows were furrowed as he regarded the latter with a murderous gaze.

“Mr. Cadden, your son has yet to recover. He is not your son but a puppet. The only way for him to return to normal is to kill the mind- controlling parasite inside him,” he said.

Jermaine was taken aback for a moment before lowering his head to scrutinize his son.

“Dad, I am your son. I’m not a puppet. I don’t want to die. Please don’t let them kill me…” Josiah pleaded with feigned fear as he gripped Jermaine’s hand tightly.

Feeling a pang of heartache, Jermaine could not help but console Josiah. “Don’t worry about it. I won’t let them lay a finger on you.”

Then, he turned around and looked at Jared.
‘My son has recovered, and he’s not a puppet.
Please stop your nonsense.”

‘If you don’t eliminate the mind-controlling parasite, your son will die.”

After finishing his sentence, Jared flicked his finger and headed toward Josiah.

“How dare you!”

Jermaine boiled with rage when he saw Jared wanted to attack his son. Emanating a powerful aura, he parried off Jared’s blow by striking with his palm.

It was worth noting that Jermaine possessed impressive combat prowess due to his achievements in war. Hence, that strike carried immense force.

Although Jared was not afraid of Jermaine’s move, he did not wish to be embroiled in a fight with him. Hence, he leaned backward and avoided the attack.

“Mr. Chance, what is going on?” Theodore asked hurriedly.

Mr. Josiah has obviously recovered, but why is Mr. Chance insisting otherwise and even claiming that he’s being controlled by the mind- controlling parasite?

Jared did not offer any explanation to Theodore. Instead, he looked at Jermaine and said, “Your son is being controlled by someone else. Don’t be deceived, or you will face serious consequences.”

The man knew for a fact that someone poisoned Josiah because of his background.
After all, the mind-controlling parasite was different from other parasites, and it was too valuable to be deployed recklessly against an ordinary person.

Evidently, the mastermind’s motive must be to manipulate Jermaine by controlling Josiah. As Jermaine was the leader of the Senary Porta, the consequences would be deadly if the mastermind were to exploit him with malicious intent.

“Stop making things up. Do you think I can’t tell if he’s my son?” Jermaine snarled. He did not believe Jared’s words at all. Then, he turned to Boris and asked, “Mr. Yonce, can you help me check if Josiah is all right?”

Boris quickly took a few steps forward and waved his arm. A bright, red light enveloped Josiah’s body before disappearing seconds later, and the young man seemed just fine.

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