The Man’s Decree – Chapter 596

Chapter 596 Holy Light

“Mr. Cadden, your son has recovered. He’s not being controlled by anyone. The light that you saw just now is the holy light. If he is being controlled by a mind-controlling parasite, it would be impossible for him to stay calm.
Hence, do not trust the nonsense uttered by Jared,” said Boris.

Galen, who stood at a side, scoffed. “I bet Jared made up that puppet story just to get your attention because he didn’t get the chance to acquit himself earlier. Now that Mr.
Josiah has recovered, he’s disgruntled and is trying to claim credit for what Mr. Yonce has done.”

His statement had convinced

Jermaine. Indeed, even though I’ve requested Jared to save Josiah, Josiah recovered before he could do anything. It might be true that Jared was indignant, so he invented the puppet story to create an opportunity for himself. If he could be given a chance to treat Josiah, he would be able to claim credit for Josiah’s recovery!

“‘Humph, how dare you claim credit for something you have not done! A young man like you should be studying diligently to improve yourself instead of resorting to such trickeries. My son is fine, yet you still intended to assault him. If you dare to lay a finger on him, I guarantee that you’ll not walk out of here in one piece!” The older man looked at Jared, his eyes flashing menacingly.

Terrified by Jermaine’s gaze, Theodore tugged at Jared’s sleeve lightly and pleaded, “Mr.
Chance, I think it’s best we let this slide. Let’s discuss the matter at length!”

‘I must eliminate the mind-controlling parasite today. Or else, many will suffer.”

Jared was unmoved. He had made the decision to eliminate the mind-controlling parasite right then. The ramifications of letting Josiah go would be drearily unimaginable, with the peace of society at stake.

“But Boris used the holy light on Josiah just now, and it turns out that he is fine.”

Theodore could not understand why Jared was so stubborn.

‘That so-called holy light is nothing but a gimmick. He’s just trying to hoax you guys.
Don’t forget that they left the room scrambling just now because of the mind-controlling parasite. The reason why Boris claims that Mr.
Cadden’s son is fine is that he doesn’t want me to claim his credit!”

Jared knew from the beginning that Boris was spouting nonsense. Since the latter saw the mind-controlling parasite with his own eyes, he obviously knew Josiah was being controlled by it.

“Stop your bullsh’t! I think you’re the one who wants to claim Mr. Yonce’s credit!” Galen replied contemptuously.

Putting his body between Josiah and Jared, Jermaine had a look of determination on his face as he warned, “Regardless of whether my son is a puppet, I will not let you lay a finger on him!”

‘If that’s so, then you leave me no choice…”

As soon as those words fell from Jared’s lips, he swung his arms forward, and rays of blinding red light permeated the entire living room.

‘lll show you what a true holy light is…”

Immediately, the light spread across the room, and everyone appeared to be engulfed in red flames.


When the red light shone on Josiah, he let out a pained wail.

Jermaine’s eyes widened in shock at that sight, and he leaped toward Jared swiftly. The aura on him had become terrifyingly menacing.

However, Jared ignored Jermaine as the latter’s prowess was inferior to his.

Indeed, when Jermaine thrust his palm at Jared, his attack was repelled forcefully, causing him to stagger a few steps backward.

Jermaine stared at the younger man in disbelief, but the anger on his face soon manifested.

‘Theodore, what are you doing? Stop him! Do you want to be dismissed?” he shouted at Theodore, who stood rooted to the spot.

In a panic, the latter shot a pleading gaze at Jared. “Mr. Chance, please stop…”

“General Jackson, if you trust me, then stay out of my way. Otherwise, just come at me…”

Jared had set his heart on destroying the mind- controlling parasite.

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