The Man’s Decree – Chapter 597

Chapter 597 What Else Can You Do

Seeing that Jared had made up his mind, Theodore was out of options. He would never attack Jared, not to mention that he knew he was not his match.

At that, Jermaine thundered, “Theodore, if you don’t strike now, I will fire you!”

“Mr. Cadden, there must be a reason behind Mr. Chance’s decision. Please trust him.” Theodore tried to convince him.

‘Nonsense. My son is going to die because of him!” Jermaine stared at Josiah, who was still screaming in anguish. Then, he turned toward Boris. “Mr. Yonce, please stop Jared. If you can stop him, I promise to fulfill whatever you ask for!”

Boris was enraptured upon hearing that declaration and nodded profusely. “No problem, Mr. Cadden. However, you have to know casualties in battles involving magecraft are inevitable. If 1 accidentally kill Jared in the process, you must not hold me accountable for it!”

Boris had wanted to take revenge against Jared all along, and the opportunity conveniently presented itself.

‘L will not. Don’t worry about it,” Jermaine answered immediately.

At present, Josiah appeared to be in immense pain as he rolled across the floor, holding his head with both of his hands. His contorted face was painful to watch for Jermaine.

‘If that’s the case, I’ll deal with Jared now!”

All of a sudden, Boris’ body shook vigorously.
He then threw his arm forward, and the force materialized into a giant palm in midair before launching in Jared’s direction.

At the same time, the red light on Josiah was blocked by the massive palm, allowing the young man to rasp out a plea. “Dad, save me. I don’t want to die…”

Josiah’s eyes were filled with fear as he tightly clung to his father’s thighs.

Jermaine crouched down and embraced Josiah tightly, consoling, “Josiah, don’t worry.
No one can kill you. I’ve asked Mr. Yonce to interfere. You will be all right.”

“Mr. Chance…”

Seeing that Boris was launching a rather ferocious attack, Theodore stepped forward and wanted to assist Jared.

Jermaine glared at him and threatened, ‘Theodore, if you dare to help Jared, not only will I dismiss you, but I will also prosecute you!”

Stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, Theodore froze.

Jared smirked and said in disdain, “General Jackson, just stay put and watch the show. A mere mage can’t harm me.”

‘Brat, you will regret this soon enough.”

Boris continued to mutter something incoherent under his breath. All of a sudden, scorching flames started to engulf the humungous palm.
Everyone was shocked to find themselves swarmed by a wave of torrid heat in the room.

Galen let out a devilish smile. Jared spoiled my plan, and he deserves to die. I want to see it happen myself!

However, everyone was stunned the very next second.

Boris’ intimidating blazing palm was hovering before Jared’s head but could not advance further.

Meanwhile, Jared’s body was covered in the red light, resembling a divine being who had descended to earth. The huge palm slowly reduced in size, and the flame was eventually extinguished.

‘How is that possible?” Boris’ eyes popped in horror.

It was his strongest attack as he wanted to kill Jared with one strike. Much to his dismay, it was ineffective against the latter.

“What else can you do? Show me!”

Jared gently blew air in the direction of the palm, and it vanished instantly.

His actions make Boris’ hair stand on end.

In an instant, the petrified mage hurled a bunch of questions at Jared. “W-Who are you? What magecraft are you using? Who is your master?”

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