The Man’s Decree – Chapter 598

Chapter 598 Cut The Nonsense

Boris had cultivated magecraft for decades, learned from several masters, and tested his skill against fellow mages. Nonetheless, he had never seen a magecraft like Jared’s.

The red light exuded by Jared was overbearing, to the extent that one would feel like worshipping him. Boris would have long kneeled before the young man if he did not force himself to maintain his composure.

Jared did not respond to Boris’ questions, for he did not see the need to do so.

Instead, he snarled, “Cut the nonsense. Get lost if you don’t have other moves.”

Although Boris was incensed, he dared not strike Jared anymore and merely moved aside.

The fact that a prominent mage like Boris was deterred from fighting Jared with just one exchange of blows shocked Jermaine so much that he gasped and looked at the young man in disbelief.

Looking at Jermaine, Jared stated, “Mr.
Cadden, I’ve told you that your son is now a puppet and that everything he said was.
controlled by the mastermind, but you find it hard to believe me. Your son can survive if I destroy the mind-controlling parasite now. If we delay it further, he might not be able to stay alive even after I destroy the mind-controlling parasite.”

With Josiah in his embrace, Jermaine hesitated, unsure if he should trust Jared.

Meanwhile, Theodore also tried to persuade Jermaine. “Mr. Cadden, Mr. Chance will never harm Mr. Josiah. Please trust him.”

Jermaine was a little convinced by then, so he slowly loosened his grip, ready to let go of Josiah.

In an instant, Josiah hugged his arm tightly and cried, “Dad, you can’t trust them. I’m your son, not a puppet. I’m your beloved son. Look at


His wails pained Jermaine so much that he did not have the heart to let Jared take action.

Since Jermaine had fallen for the puppet’s act, Jared decided to do it by force.

“How dare the Mapletons scheme against Mr.
Cadden! Godd*mmit!”

With that, Jared reached out to grab Josiah.

Jermaine wanted to stop him, but Jared was too fast and had taken Josiah from him in the blink of an eye.

‘Dad, save me. Save me…” Josiah kept struggling to wriggle free from Jared’s grasp.

However, Jared did not give Jermaine another chance to save his son by striking Josiah’s forehead with his palm. The next moment, a beam of red light flickered above Josiah’s head before moving swiftly into his body.

Soon, Josiah began to grimace in pain and let out anguished shrieks. Despite that, Jared still grabbed onto him tightly to restrain him.

Very quickly, Josiah’s eyes reddened once again, and he suddenly opened his mouth. The fist-sized mind-controlling parasite flew out of it.

Instead of attacking Jared, the mind-controlling parasite made a beeline for the window to escape.

“Trying to run, huh?” Jared’s lips curled.

Immediately, he let go of Josiah and chased after the mind-controlling parasite.

Meanwhile, the latter passed out once the mind-controlling parasite left his body and collapsed onto the floor.

“Josiah!” Jermaine ran forward to hold him, preventing him from knocking onto the hard surface.

In the meantime, Jared had rushed to the window and grasped the mind-controlling parasite.

The mind-controlling parasite kept squirming but failed to break free from Jared’s fist. In the end, it opened its mouth and released a gust of black mist.

‘Be careful. The black mist is poisonous.” Boris nervously reminded everyone before he held his breath.

When everyone held their breaths anxiously, Jared suddenly opened his mouth to suck in all the black mist.

Although it was poisonous to others, it was the best resource for his cultivation. As such, he would not let it go to waste.

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