The Man’s Decree – Chapter 599

Chapter 599 Investigation

Boris was dumbstruck upon seeing Jared gulp down the black mist. After all, he was well aware of how deadly the mind-controlling parasite’s toxic gas was.

Under normal circumstances, a mind- controlling parasite would not release its toxic gas as it would die immediately after. Given the difficulties in cultivating mind-controlling parasites, the owner would use them to kill the other party only in an emergency.

After Jared gulped down the black gas, the mind-controlling parasite stopped struggling and became thin and wrinkly.

He then threw the parasite away as the dead insect was useless to him.

At the same time, a middle-aged man in a black robe sitting inside a sealed room of a secluded house in Jadeborough suddenly rose to his feet and knocked the bowls before him to the floor.

That man was Weston Morris, the owner of the mind-controlling parasite. He never expected that the insect he had cultivated for more than ten years would perish just like that.

At the sound of the loud noises, the guard outside the room quickly pushed the door open and was frightened to silence when he saw the broken pieces on the floor.

After calming himself down, Weston asked, “Has Wade returned?”

The guard responded hastily, “Master Weston, Master Wade has returned since yesterday.
However, we dare not disturb you because you have been staying in the room.”

‘Tell Wade to come and see me!” Weston instructed.

The guard left the room to relay his instructions. Soon, a bearded man with a protruded mouth and sunken cheeks came in.

“Wade, why did Poison King call for a meeting so urgently? Did something happen in Mapleton?” Weston asked the bearded man.

“Weston, it’s not a big deal. Poison King arranged for that meeting because his godson had died. If I’m not mistaken, someone named Jared Chance killed him,” Wade explained indifferently.

“His godson’s name is Fabian Quillen, right?”

Wade nodded in response and said, “That’s right. He died horribly.”

“‘Humph! He deserved it! That brat is always harming ladies. I’ve disdained him since a long time ago,” Weston spat.

“Weston, when I was in Mapleton, Poison King asked me about the progress of our plan. He can hardly do anything now because Mapleton is being kept under close watch,” Wade said.

Weston’s features twisted into a fearsome expression when he heard Wade’s utterances.
Clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, he said, “My mind-controlling parasite is dead.”

“What? Your mind-controlling parasite is dead? How did it happen? What went wrong?” Wade exclaimed, shocked.

‘Tl explain it to you later. For now, go and ascertain Jermaine and his family’s condition. I ordered the mind-controlling parasite to kill itself by releasing the toxic gas, which could kill all human beings within a radius of around twenty meters. Hence, I reckon they are about to be poisoned to death,” Weston said as a worried look crossed his face.

“Weston, a-are you crazy? Jermaine is the leader of Senary Porta. If he has been poisoned to death, the authorities will investigate the matter and eventually trace it to us. By then, we will be doomed!” Wade questioned nervously.

Weston glared at him and shouted, “Stop yakking! I did it because I had no other choices at that time. You should start investigating it now!”

“All right!” Wade nodded in response and left the room.

Back in the living room of Jermaine’s house, the authoritative leader of Senary Porta was hugging his unconscious son, crying the latter’s name at the top of his lungs.

“Josiah, Josiah…”

Given that Josiah had not opened his eyes or

spoken for more than a year, Jermaine did not care if his son became a puppet as long as the latter was well and alive. All he wanted was to see Josiah wake up.

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