The Man’s Decree – Chapter 600

Chapter 600 Not A Big Deal

That was why Jermaine was so excited when Josiah first regained consciousness and refused to let Jared treat him. He was worried that he could not see Josiah anymore if anything untoward happened.

Distressed by Jermaine’s heart-wrenching cries, Theodore quickly went up to Jared and requested, “Mr. Chance, please check on Mr.
Josiah now.”

“Sure!” Jared nodded in response.

Theodore walked toward Jermaine, squatted down, and comforted, “Mr. Cadden, Mr.
Chance can cure Mr. Josiah. Please don’t lose hope.”

Jermaine raised his head, revealing a pair of teary eyes. When he met Jared’s confident gaze, he did not utter a word but slowly put Josiah’s body down and stood up.

Jared crouched down and gently put his hand on Josiah’s forehead, injecting surges of spiritual energy into his body. The latter’s pale face slowly turned ruddy, and even his.
festering fingers began to recover.

A few minutes later, he opened his eyes slowly.

By then, Jared’s forehead was covered with sweat. As Josiah had been poisoned for too long and suffered mental impairment for more than a year, he had to expend a large amount of spiritual energy to cure him.

“Josiah, Josiah…”

Jermaine darted forward excitedly once he saw Josiah open his eyes.

“Dad, where am I?” With a confused expression, the latter looked around his surroundings.

“You’re at home, of course! You’ve been ina coma for more than a year. Do you remember what happened just now?” Jermaine asked.

Since Josiah had regained consciousness earlier on and even acted normally, he was perplexed that he could not remember anything.

“As I said, Josiah was merely a puppet before this. It wasn’t actually him. Someone was using the mind-controlling parasite to control his body,” Jared explained to Jermaine.

Seeing the look of puzzlement on his son’s face, Jermaine finally believed Jared’s words.

After helping Josiah stand up, he pointed at Jared and said, “Josiah, thank Mr. Chance now. He saved your life.”

Josiah looked at Jared and could tell that the latter was about the same age as him.
However, he was still in a state of confusion, so he did not move or say a word.

“Mr. Cadden, it’s not a big deal, so there’s no need to thank me,” Jared replied flatly.

While Jared behaved magnanimously, Jermaine’s face flushed with embarrassment.
After all, he had assaulted him and even ordered Theodore and Boris to fight him.

Deep down, he was glad that Jared was.
generous. If the latter had left in a fit of anger, Josiah could have died.

‘Mr. Chance, you’re indeed kind-hearted and generous despite your young age. I feel embarrassed for my rudeness,” Jermaine said as he felt unbearably mortified.

“You’re too kind, Mr. Cadden. What I’ve done is nothing compared with your contributions to the people and the country,” Jared replied humbly.

Meanwhile, Boris walked over with unconcealed astonishment on his face.

Gazing at Jared in admiration, he bowed and said, “Mr. Chance, please allow me to offer my humble greetings.”

In the sphere of magecraft, the status of a mage depended on power instead of age.
Even though Jared was young, Boris respected him because he was stronger.

“Mr. Chance.” Galen also hastily rushed toward Jared and bowed at him.

Since even Boris was respectful toward Jared, Galen dared not act insolently.

“‘Humph! Did you forget how you ridiculed Mr.
Chance just now?” Theodore snarled in disdain as he looked at Boris and Galen.

Upon hearing that, Boris and Galen flushed with embarrassment as they felt remorseful for what they had done.

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