The Man’s Decree – Chapter 601

Chapter 601 Unforgivable

Jared did not want to be associated with Boris and Galen, so he said to Theodore, “General Jackson, now that Mr. Cadden’s son is all right, we should get going.”

Then, he turned around and wanted to leave.
Since everything was settled, he thought there was no need for him to stay around any longer.

As for how Jermaine would deal with Boris and Galen, he could not be bothered about it.

Seeing that Jared was about to leave, Boris hastily stopped him and exclaimed, “Mr.
Chance, please wait! I have a question to ask, and I hope you can enlighten me.”

“What is it?” Jared was taken aback.

“Mr. Chance, since the mind-controlling

parasite had entered Mr. Josiah, why did the mastermind wait for more than a year before controlling his body? What is their intention?”

Boris was mystified. After all, the owner of the parasite only controlled Josiah’s body on that day, even though he had schemed against Josiah more than a year ago.

The rest directed their gazes at Jared as soon as Boris’ voiced his queries, for they also wished to know the reason. Jermaine, in particular, wanted to figure out the mastermind’s ulterior motive.

“As I said earlier, Mr. Josiah was in a vegetative state due to mental impairment that resulted from fright, not because of the poisoning. Although the mind-controlling parasite successfully entered Mr. Josiah’s body, the parasite failed to control his mind and body since he was in a coma.”

Jared continued to explain patiently, “Mr.
Josiah was in a vegetative state for more than a year. To a certain extent, he was lucky.
Otherwise, the mastermind could have controlled Mr. Josiah to do all sorts of horrible things. Earlier on, you accidentally stimulated Mr. Josiah’s brain when performing acupuncture on him to extract the toxin. The mind-controlling parasite grabbed the chance to take control of his body, which led to what we saw just now.”

Boris crimsoned with shame upon learning that the parasite successfully controlled Josiah due to his treatment. At that moment, he felt embarrassed and wished the ground could open and swallow him up.

“Mr. Chance, could you please tell me who did such a thing to my son?” Jermaine was desperate to know the mastermind behind it.

‘I mentioned it before. The mind-controlling parasite only exists in Mapleton. Since the mastermind could cultivate such a large parasite, they must have a prominent standing there. However, I’m not sure about their intention,” Jared responded.

As Jermaine fell silent and frowned, his eyes flashed menacingly.

Theodore reasoned, “l know why. The Mapletons want to loosen the guard on them through this method. Since all the Mapletons are good at using poisons, the government manages and controls them strictly to prevent moral panic from occurring. Because of the implementation of such stringent regulations, their development is restricted. Hence, they must have planned to use the parasite to control Mr. Cadden so as to relax the restrictions on Mapleton. As they dared not target Mr. Cadden directly, they chose Mr.

Upon hearing his analysis, Jermaine nodded in response. “Yourre right. I believe that’s the reason. After all, the Mapletons have, for more than once, made such a request.”

Since the matter was overly complicated, Jared refrained from commenting on it.

Overwhelmed by anger, Jermaine instructed Theodore, “Theodore, I don’t care what method you use. Find the Mapletons who are hiding in Jadeborough now. I won’t forgive them for using such a despicable trick on my son!”

Although everyone knew that the Mapletons did it, Jermaine could not do anything without any proof. His first move was to find the mastermind who harmed Josiah.

“Understood!” Theodore answered loudly.
However, he soon grimaced slightly and added, “Mr. Cadden, I’m afraid our staff from the Department of Justice can’t arrest the mastermind even if we manage to find them…”

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