The Man’s Decree – Chapter 602

Chapter 602 I Should Leave Too

There were only martial artists in the Department of Justice of Jadeborough who were certainly no match for the mastermind in Mapleton. The other party only needed to throw a few parasites to make them suffer.

The moment Jermaine heard Theodore’s words, he knitted his brows tightly. Finally, his gaze landed on Jared and Boris.

When Boris noticed Jermaine was looking at him, he immediately said, “Mr. Cadden, General Jackson, I still have something to attend to back home. We shall make a move first as we need to catch a flight to Zaprington.”

The mage was apprehensive that Jermaine would make him stay. If that were the case, he would find it hard to turn him down. At the same time, he did not have the courage or confidence to deal with the Mapletons, so he was anxious to leave.

Since Boris had said so, there was nothing much Jermaine could say in return. All he could do was nod.

With that, Boris quickly left with Galen. Looking at the two men walking away, Theodore sneered. “Cowards! They’re only good at scamming others. I can’t believe he claims to be the best mage in Zaprington. What rubbish!”

“Theodore, what did you keep calling Boris a swindler?” Jermaine asked curiously.

Earlier on, he was preoccupied with saving his son, so he did not care when Theodore called Boris a swindler.

Seeing that Theodore was still at it, he could not help but voice his curiosity.

Theodore did not hold back, telling Jermaine everything that transpired at the auction. After listening to his recount, the latter had a look of disbelief, shocked that Boris and Galen had come all the way to Jadeborough to conduct their scams.

Then, Jermaine’s expression turned grim when he recalled how he had been so respectful to Boris and even invited him to his house.

“General Jackson, Mr. Cadden, since the matter has been solved, I should be making a move too. I still have to rush back to Horington today,” Jared piped up.

He had to make the best use of his time to cultivate as it was getting nearer to the date.
Moreover, the divination that Dante had given to him before he passed away had made Jared very confused. He had no idea if a blessing or misfortune awaited him on the fifteenth of July.

Seeing that Jared was about to leave, Jermaine became visibly anxious and quickly signaled Theodore with his gaze.

Theodore understood his signal and said, “Mr.
Chance, you saw with your own eyes that the mastermind from Mapleton is already in Jadeborough and has even harmed Mr. Josiah.
If we don’t locate them soon, I’m afraid they will continue with their evil acts. But given the limited capabilities of the Department of Justice, it will be difficult to find them. I hope you will be able to stay in Jadeborough for a few more days and help us out.”

Jared frowned in response. He had wanted to leave because he was worried that Theodore might ask him for his assistance. However, it did not mean he feared the Mapletons; he just did not want to waste any more of his time there. Cultivating was his utmost priority at the moment.

Moreover, Jared was also aware that those Mapletons would not be merciless. All they wanted was to use the mind-controlling parasites to secure more benefits for themselves, so they dared not go to the extent of killing others yet.

Thus, he had no wish to get involved in the matter since it was not a life-threatening situation. As for the other issues, he had no.
time for them.

When Jermaine saw that Jared seemed unwilling, he joined Theodore in persuading the latter. “Mr. Chance, we really hope you can help us out. Otherwise, those Mapletons will be causing trouble in Jadeborough. Even if they don’t dare to do anything to me next time, they might target the other leaders.”

‘Isn’t there anyone capable of subduing the Mapletons in the entire Jadeborough? Are you telling me all of you will only sit on your hands if a few mages are wreaking havoc in Jadeborough now?”

Jared simply could not fathom their

request. Surely, there must be someone in the whole of Jadeborough who can stop these Mapletons. Furthermore, there’s also the Department of Justice, which is in charge of the city’s safety. The people there are all martial artists. If they are that weak, wouldn’t the Department of Justice be rendered useless when a few highly-skilled mages appeared?

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