The Man’s Decree – Chapter 604

Chapter 604 Too Modest

As Jared listened to Jermaine’s explanation, he felt increasingly pressured. As a cultivator himself, he had thought that he was unparalleled—although not to the extent of being invincible—because he had always been able to crush his enemies with ease. Only then did Jared realize that those so-called opponents of his were small fries. He had yet to encounter a truly powerful family.

However, that did not frighten Jared. After all, he had nothing to do with those powerful families. As long as they did not cause him any trouble, Jared would not provoke them too. All he wanted to do was figure out his family background and if his mother was still alive.

Worried that Jared might be afraid, Theodore voiced, “Mr. Chance, you have nothing to worry about. Those inconspicuous families won’t target a particular person just like that. Thus, in Jadeborough, we are still dealing with the wealthy and noble families that are in circulation.”

Jared nodded and said, “All right then. I really have some urgent matters to attend to, so I won’t be able to stay in Jadeborough for too long. I can stay here for three days and help you guys find the Mapletons!”

The moment Theodore heard his promise, he was thrilled. “Thank you, Mr. Chance. With you around, those people from Mapleton won’t be able to get away.”

Those Mapletons would not be able to escape once Jared, who was an energy cultivator, made his move.

Jermaine expressed his gratitude as well.
“Thank you, Mr. Chance.”

Jared flashed them a half-smile. “Mr. Cadden, there’s no need to thank me just yet. If I can’t locate them within the next three days, I will still need to leave.”

“No problem. I’m sure they can be found in three days. If not, the time I’ve spent in Senary Porta would be in vain.”

Jermaine was very confident that he could easily locate that group of people from Mapleton. Once they had been found, all Jared needed to do was to make them stay.

After a brief discussion, Jared left with Theodore. As for Josephine, Walter, and the rest, they were still waiting for Jared at the auction at Jausden Auction House. Every member of the Baileys was still there. No one dared to leave.

When Samuel saw Jared had returned, he asked hastily, “Mr. Chance, how did it go? Has Mr. Cadden’s son been cured?”

If Jared had cured Jermaine’s son, then his life in Jadeborough would be smooth sailing. After all, he would be able to accomplish lots of things with ease if he won the favor of a leader in Senary Porta.

Jared answered indifferently, “Yes. It’s only mental impairment. There’s nothing serious.”

He did not mention anything about the mind- controlling parasite. Even if he did, Samuel and the others might not understand what he was talking about. They were only martial artists and thus were unfamiliar with things related to mages.

A look of astonishment appeared on Tristan’s face. “Josiah has been in a coma for more than a year now. No doctor or professional has been able to cure him. How can you say it’s nothing serious? Mr. Chance, it must be because your medical skills are so great that he becomes.
well the instant you treated him.”

‘That’s right. I’m sure that’s the case. Mr.
Chance, you’re too modest,” Samuel chimed in.

‘Mr. Chance, did Boris and Galen give you any trouble?”

Walter knew Jermaine had also invited the two men over, so he was certain a conflict would occur between them and Jared.

Theodore cutin before Jared could respond and said, “Those two swindlers have left for Zaprington with their tails between their legs.
The image they had when they scampered off looked nothing like that of a master.”

Everyone knew that Boris must have been incompetent and left because Jared had outdone him.

At that moment, Samuel was even more determined to have the Baileys be loyal to Jared from then onward.

Walter asked, “Mr. Chance, when will we return to Horington?”

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