The Man’s Decree – Chapter 607

Chapter 607 Women At The Parlors

Keeping a calm front, Jared walked into an alley with lesser passersby and dimmer lighting. Inside, beauty parlors lined both sides of the passageway, their pink neon lights radiating an alluring glow. At that moment, scantily dressed women stood at the entrance of each parlor, drumming up customers.

“Come in and have some fun, mister,” one of them called out, beckoning him over.

“Come here, mister. My girls here are young,” another woman from the beauty parlor next door shouted.

The majority of men who came by the area were johns. Thinking that Jared was one of them, those women began shouting fervently for his attention once they saw him turn into the alley.

Jared felt a little awkward as he had not gone into the alley for pleasure. He merely chose it, thinking it had fewer people and dimmer lighting, which would give him a chance to find out the person following him.

However, he dared not look over his shoulder rashly. Instead, he approached one of the women. When the woman saw Jared heading toward her, she immediately welcomed him with a grin. “You have good taste, mister. I’m the prettiest in this area. Is the man behind you with you as well? I’ll have to charge you more if the both of you want to do it together.”

The woman’s words had Jared tilting his head.
That was when he saw a burly man standing a few meters behind him.

At the sight of that man, such stark shock and horror inundated Jared. Although he knew he had encountered a powerful person because he could only feel them watching him with their spiritual sense throughout the journey, it was.
too faint for him to realize his proximity.

If the man were to attack him from behind, he could not have dodged it. At that thought, Jared was a bundle of nerves.

“We’re not together,” he replied to the woman, shaking his head.

He was still clueless about the burly man’s motive, so he did not confront him directly.

“You’re not together?” The woman was baffled but soon sashayed toward the man behind Jared. Smiling seductively, she said, “You’re here for some fun too, mister? You must be great in bed, judging from your physique. I love your type the most. How about I give you a discount later?”

It seemed like the woman wanted both Jared and the burly man to enter her parlor.

Right then, a slightly older woman walked out of one of the parlors, spatting, “You shameless b*tch! Are you planning to hog all the business? We need to earn money too! I see what you’re up to. Do you think you can get rid of us just because you’re young? Aren’t you scared of dying in bed?”

She then made a beeline for the burly man.

‘Mister, I’m older but more experienced than the young ones. I’m more affordable too. Fifty will do,” the older woman coaxed, leaning toward him in an attempt to seduce him with her big bust.

However, the burly man was as still as a statue. Unfazed by the women’s advances, he did not even spare them a glance, merely fastening his gaze at Jared.

Feeling competitive, the younger woman inched closer toward the burly man too. “I’m good with fifty too, mister!”

‘I don’t like or need your services. Scram, turn off the lights, and get some sleep,” the burly man said, his face devoid of emotions.

The two women froze after he was done speaking. A second later, they stared blankly at the space before them and nodded woodenly as though they were being controlled. “Yes…”

Then, complying with his command, they returned to their respective parlors and turned off the lights.

With the lights turned off, darkness enshrouded the alley.

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