The Man’s Decree – Chapter 609

Chapter 609 Messing Around

The man’s words dumfounded Jared. He did not know what the latter meant by strengthening his body. Even though he cultivated continuously and searched everywhere for resources to improve his rank, no one had told him anything about strengthening his body. Not even Draco had taught him about it.

“You said you needed me alive to claim a reward. Did the Coopers send you?”

Jared stared at the man in front of him. I can’t underestimate the Coopers if they can hire a powerful man like him. It won’t bode well for me If I fall into their hands.

“The Coopers? Who is that?”

The man was confused as to who Jared was referring to.

‘The Coopers from Jadeborough with Xander as their head of the family. Didn’t they hire you?”

Since Jared did not have any other foe in Jadeborough, the Cooper family was all he could think of.

The man clicked his tongue with contempt.
‘The Coopers are nothing. They’ll have to get on their knees to welcome me if they see me.
How could they afford to hire me?”

‘Then why are you here to capture me? Who ordered you?”

Jared wanted to know who was after him.

“Stop asking so many questions! You’ll know when you get there! Follow me quietly if you don’t want to suffer.”

The man had lost his patience and did not want to chit-chat with Jared further.

‘I’m not going with you.” The latter shook his.

He had gained confidence upon learning that the man would not kill him. Not wanting to follow him to somewhere unknown, he decided to fight back with all his might.

At Jared’s persistent rejection, the man flared up. As he reached out to grab him, he snarled, ‘Brat, you don’t have a say in this matter…”

The man’s movement was so quick that Jared did not even have the time to react.

In the nick of time, a figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of Jared. The person also moved at lightning speed, so he did not know when the former showed up in front of him. For a second, he thought the person had been in front of him the whole time.


After the loud blow, the burly man took three steps back, his outstretched arm trembling a little.

Finally, Jared managed to get a clear view of the person who had saved him. Standing before him was a middle-aged man with an average physique. The latter seemed weak compared to the burly man, but he managed to fight the latter off with just a strike.

“Bull, how bold of you to get involved in the Deragons’ affairs with your capabilities,” the middle-aged man said in disdain.

Despite the mockery from the middle-aged man, the burly man, Bull was not the least bit infuriated. Instead, he flashed a smile, showing his pearly whites. “Rayleigh Deragon! I was just messing around. Don’t be upset. I would never dare to get involved in your family’s affairs. I’ll take my leave now.”

Jared watched as Bull’s attitude took a one- eighty. He had treated him with scorn earlier, yet he was acting so servilely before the middle-aged man named Rayleigh.

Just as Bull turned to leave, Jared did not even realize how Rayleigh did it, but the latter had stepped in Bull’s path in the blink of an eye, stopping him from leaving.

Bull was stunned. “Rayleigh, I told you I was only messing around. Can’t I leave?”

“Do you think you can still leave?” Murderous intent shone in Rayleigh’s eyes.

All traces of smile were gone from Bull’s face as he stared at Rayleigh intently. Suddenly, a wave of blade-like aura exploded from him, charging toward Rayleigh and Jared.

Jared was helpless against the blade-like aura as he realized he could not dodge it no matter which direction he moved in.

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