The Man’s Decree – Chapter 610

Chapter 610 Better For You To Know Less “Stand still. Don’t move…”

Suddenly, Rayleigh’s voice sounded right next to Jared’s ear.

Immediately afterward, Jared heard a series of clanking sounds as spear-like energies came shooting his way. Yet as if hitting on steel, they bounced off one after another. Jared was confused, as he couldn’t feel any spiritual energy fluctuation around him. In other words, there was no protective shield formed by spiritual energy at all. So what exactly shielded him from the terrifying force?

Jared was very puzzled. He knew that with his own strength, even if he really stepped into the heavenly realm, his level of achievement was.
considered negligible. He used to condemn himself for lacking experience and had wanted to meet his fellow energy cultivators. But now that he had met one, it was such a shock to.

After the eruption of his aura, Bull did not continue to fight. Instead, he leaped a height of dozens of meters, trying to escape between the buildings.

Rayleigh would not let him flee. He went after him and landed a punch on his shoulder. Bull’s body dropped from above, smashing heavily onto the ground, creating a crater on its surface.

If an ordinary person were to fall from such a great height, they would be reduced to a bloody pulp. However, after Bull hit the ground, he rolled over and got up without any injuries.

‘Rayleigh, must you kill me? I can pretend that I didn’t see anything and leave Jadeborough forever…”

Bull looked at Rayleigh fearfully.

“Do you think I would trust you?” Rayleigh sneered and rushed toward Bull.

Bull tried to block the impact with outstretched hands, but he was not quick enough. With a loud and dull thud, Bull’s huge body fell over.

Jared looked closer and discovered a thumb- sized hole in Bull’s face with blood gushing out nonstop.

Gazing at Bull’s dead body, Jared felt a wave of sadness coming over him. It must have been difficult to achieve the spiritual power of Bull’s level. And to die such a quick death at his level was a pity.

After killing Bull, Rayleigh acted as if he had just killed a mosquito as he turned to Jared slowly and said, “Are you all right?”

Jared nodded. “Yeah, I’m well and alive. Who are you? Why did you save me? Who on earth am I?”

Jared realized that this man, Rayleigh, must know who he was; otherwise, he would not have saved him. Furthermore, Bull had mentioned that he was the young master of the Deragon family, and this middle-aged man who had just saved him was called Rayleigh Deragon—this could not be a coincidence.

‘There are some things that the later you know, the better it is for you…”

Rayleigh did answer his question but took out a pill and gave it to him. “Take this back and consume it. And don’t venture outdoors unnecessarily in the future. After you have finished your errands, return to Jadeborough…”

Jared accepted the pill but his curiosity was not satisfied. “I beg of you. Please tell me who I am. Am I a descendant of the Deragon family? Do you know who my mother is?”

When Jared mentioned his mother, Rayleigh’s expression slightly changed. However, he pulled himself together again very quickly and looked at Jared coldly. “Do not ask anymore.
You will understand everything after the fifteenth of July.”

Jared was surprised that Rayleigh knew about his agreement with Draco. “You know Draco, don’t you? How else would you have known about our agreement?”

Jared grabbed Rayleigh’s shoulders agitatedly.
He realized that when he met Draco in prison, the latter had taught him the way of spiritual energy cultivation deliberately and not unintentionally.

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