The Man’s Decree – Chapter 611

Chapter 611 Body Quenching Pill

Before Rayleigh could reply, four men dressed in exactly the same manner appeared. They came over, wearing similar helmets, covering their whole heads with only their eyes exposed.

Jared was taken aback when he saw the four men who had suddenly appeared. They seemed to be more powerful than him and could be a tier higher than Bull.

He thought that Jadeborough was full of skilled masters hidden in plain sight. In just one night, Jared had actually discovered so many of them, all of which could kill him in split seconds.

Rayleigh showed no expression as he watched these four men in silence.

The four approached them, and one of them glanced at the dead Bull before addressing Rayleigh. “Rayleigh, you know the rules in Jadeborough. Inside the city, no battles are allowed between energy cultivators. Innocent bystanders might be harmed.”

“Captain Xenos, it was Bull who started the fight. Look at these wounds. They’re all Bull’s masterpiece.” Rayleigh pointed at the wounds on Jared’s body.

“You need not explain to me. I know that.
However, I’m just here to remind you.
Whatever you Deragons do to each other is beyond my jurisdiction, but if innocents are harmed, I will show no mercy…” Captain Xenos spoke coldly.

“Understood!” Rayleigh nodded, apparently fearful of the speaker of this group of men.

Taking Rayleigh at his word, Captain Xenos

waved at Bull’s corpse on the ground, and it disappeared at a speed visible to the naked

eye by the power of an unknown magecraft.

The hole that was in the ground quickly filled up and returned to its former level.

Jared stared at the scene, and his jaw dropped. He could barely grasp what type of power this man must have.

Nevertheless, by now Jared had an idea of who these four people were. They must be the group that Jermaine and Theodore had mentioned before, who were not bound by anyone and were in charge of the security of the Jadeborough.

The four-member team went off as quickly as they came. From the beginning to the end, not one of them had looked in Jared’s direction.
After all, at that time, he was not anyone to be reckoned with.

After the four of them had left, Rayleigh glanced at Jared and then walked toward the exit of the alley. He did not tell Jared what he wanted to know and Jared could not just let him leave or else he would never find out the truth about himself.

Jared caught up with Rayleigh and blocked his way. “Tell me who I am and who you are. Do you know Draco?” he asked anxiously.

‘I’ve already told you that you will know when the fifteenth of July comes. I will not tell you anything now. You should quickly go back and take the pill that I gave you. Your body is really too weak now…”

Rayleigh looked at Jared, gently shaking his head.

He then walked around Jared and continued to walk out of the alley. This time, Jared did not stop him, knowing that it was useless for him to do so as Rayleigh could not be forced to say anything. If he wanted to leave, Jared could not stop him either.

“Energy sinks into the elixir field; flesh and blood are separated, and the blood flow is dry.
The internal organs are all broken; the body is reborn, tempered by the body-quenching pill…”

As Rayleigh walked away, he was muttering something, and Jared could hear him clearly.

He frowned, having no idea what Rayleigh was talking about. After a while, as he held the pill that he had been given, his eyes lit up.

Body-quenching pill… This is the body- quenching pill?

Jared looked surprised. It seemed that the words that Rayleigh had just muttered were actually body tempering formulas, which were to be used when consuming the body- quenching pill.

He wanted to thank Rayleigh when realization dawned on him, but the latter had already vanished into thin airs.

Excitedly, Jared returned to the hotel with the body-quenching pill and locked the doors.
Sitting cross-legged on the bed, he held the body-quenching pill given to him by Rayleigh and swallowed it.

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