The Man’s Decree – Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Rebirth

After consuming the body-quenching pill, Jared felt as if his internal organs were on fire. He felt great discomfort throughout his whole body, and his forehead was drenched in sweat.

Jared gritted his teeth and summoned his spiritual energy to resist this hot feeling, but it was of no use at all. Then he thought of Rayleigh’s words. Hurriedly, he retracted his spiritual energy as he realized that to temper the body, it was necessary to let the body endure this pain so that his body could be reborn.

Putting away his spiritual energy, Jared silently recited the Focus Technique, guiding the hot feeling inside him to move around his body continuously, all the while, with his eyes tightly closed. At this moment, his whole body had turned red, just like steel being refined by fire.

Jared persisted. The cracking sound of fracturing bones could be heard, and the piercing pain hit his whole body. But he made no sound no matter how painful it was.

The bones of Jared’s body seemed to be unable to withstand this kind of force and began to break, but the fractured bones were rapidly condensing as if they were being rejoined.

The blood in Jared’s body began to evaporate slowly in the scorching heat. Through the red skin, one could see the blood in his veins flowing, but the flow became slower and slower.

Jared did not use any spiritual energy to fight it except for the guidance of the Focus Technique. Due to the severe pain, he nearly fainted several times, but he gritted his teeth and endured it.

Time passed, and Jared could not remember how many times his bones had broken and healed. It was only when the excruciating pain was over that he opened his eyes.

At this moment, it was dark outside the window and the stars above twinkled as if saying that they had witnessed Jared’s development.

Jared looked at his body and found that the clothes on his body were long gone. He was completely naked. He did not emit any spiritual energy, but his body carried a force, which was his inherent aura.

Clenching his fists, Jared looked down at himself and found that the injury on his body had disappeared without a trace or even a scar. His whole body had become bronze, and he could even feel the steel-like texture of the bones. Now, even if Jared did not use any spiritual energy and relied solely on his body, it would be difficult for ordinary people to hurt him.

I thought a long time had passed, but it was not even one night…

Jared got up and entered the bathroom to shower. Then he got ready to sleep and rest.

The moment he finished his shower and was about to get into bed, Theodore called.

“Mr. Chance, I’ve found those guys in Mapleton. They’re in a courtyard in the western suburbs…”

He sounded rather anxious.

“Okay, I’ll be right there…”

Jared hung up and changed his clothes. Then he called a cab and headed west.

Meanwhile, in a courtyard in the western suburbs, Theodore had surrounded the courtyard with his men, and opposing him were the five chiefs of Mapleton. The status of these heads in Mapleton was equivalent to the guardian of a gang.

“General Jackson, we have no wish to oppose you. Please make way for us and we will return to Mapleton right now…”

Weston looked at Theodore with a serious expression on his face.

‘It cost me so much time and energy to find you. Do you think I will let you go back so easily? You guys from Mapleton are so foolhardy that you dare to harm the son of Mr.
Cadden! I presume you guys have a death wish…” Theodore roared in fury.

“General Jackson, concerning Mr. Cadden’s son, I have only just been made aware of that.
I shall certainly investigate the allegation and if someone from Mapleton is found responsible for harming him, I will provide you and Mr.
Cadden with a satisfactory explanation. Please trust me…”

Weston pretended to be unaware of the incident and denied all responsibility.

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