The Man’s Decree – Chapter 613

Chapter 613 Vengeance

Theodore sneered at Weston’s shameless pretense. “You are lying. Do you think I would believe you? Now that we have found you, don’t even think about leaving.”

Theodore did not believe Weston because a mind-controlling parasite the size of a fist was not something that just anyone in Mapleton could nurture.

At Theodore’s persistence, Weston showed his ugly self.

“General Jackson, Mr. Josiah has already recovered, and he is fine now. Besides, we did not mean him any harm. Why do you persist in pursuing this matter? If you really piss us off, you and your men are in no position to stop us from leaving…” Weston threatened.

Theodore saw that Weston was getting a little impatient, and he was feeling anxious as well.
Although there was a large number in Theodore’s group, in a direct confrontation, there was no certainty that they could overpower these five chiefs.

At the moment, he could only hope that Jared would arrive soon. If the people from Mapleton escaped, it would be an embarrassing situation for Theodore.

Seeing that Theodore was silent, Weston curled his lips into a cunning smile. He could see that Theodore was afraid. After all, Theodore did not have sufficient power to battle with the five of them. The others in the Department of Justice were of no concern to Weston as well.

“General Jackson, that was just a misunderstanding. We will personally apologize to Mr. Cadden. Meanwhile, we have other errands to attend to. Please make way for


As Weston spoke, he signaled to the others, and the five of them slowly headed for the exit.

Theodore stretched out his hand, blocking Weston and the others. “You can leave, but over my dead body…”

Theodore had already made up his mind that even if it cost him his life, he would not let these people from Mapleton leave. Otherwise, he would not be able to face Jermaine.

When Weston saw how stubborn Theodore was, he burst out in anger and said, “Theodore Jackson, don’t think that I’m afraid of going against you just because you are the general of the Department of Justice. Believe it or not, I can kill you with just one slap.”

‘Don’t waste your breath. Do it…”

Theodore was ready to battle and the other members of the Department of Justice took out their weapons as well.

Seeing that, Weston knew that without a fight, there was no way they could leave. So, he said, “Brothers, let us capture these men first.
Then we’ll go and look for Jared. Remember, do not harm anyone…”

Weston knew that if they killed anyone in Jadeborough, things could get out of hand. If things were not settled amicably, it could lead to the appearance of the unusual group from Jadeborough.

Both cultivators and mages dared not act recklessly in the capital because they knew that there existed a secret team in Jadeborough that was secretly guarding the safety of the capital.

“Are you going to take revenge on Mr.
Chance?” Theodore frowned. He had not expected that the people from Mapleton would want to take revenge on Jared, who had destroyed the mind-controlling parasite.

“Revenge? That’s far from our minds. Anyway, Fabian deserved to die. We were requested to do this, and we should keep our promise…”

Weston thought that Theodore was referring to the death of the Poison King’s godson, Fabian.

Both misunderstood what the other party meant.

However, Theodore did not care. Instead, he frowned and asked, “At someone’s request? Is it perhaps the Cooper family?”

In Jadeborough, only the Coopers were at loggerheads with Jared.

“That’s none of your concern. Jared does not belong to the Department of Justice.
Furthermore, he’s no ordinary man but a mage.
Even if we kill hirn, it’s not against the rules…”

Although Weston did not say it, Theodore was certain that it was the Coopers.

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