The Man’s Decree – Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Flee Upon Defeat

It was as he said. Sean was the one who sent those people from Mapleton. He made them a deal they simply couldn’t refuse, and that was why they agreed to help him kill Jared.

“Well, if you’re here for Mr. Chance, then you definitely can’t leave. He’ll be here soon,” said Theodore.

He might have divulged the information, but he had no intention of betraying Jared. He simply knew that the men were no match against Jared.

It was as Theodore had suspected. As soon as he finished speaking, Weston paused for a moment. “Are you sure he’s coming over?”

“Of course, I am. I have called him,” replied Theodore while nodding.

Weston tumed to Theodore and sneered. “If that’s the case, then we’ll wait for him here. Are you counting on Jared to come to take us down? Well, then we’ll just have to show you the truth once he shows up. I’ll make you see how stupid your assumptions are. Jared is undeniably powerful, but he is no match against the five of us.”

Weston wasn’t afraid of Jared at all. The latter might have what it took to kill Fabian, and he might have what it took to destroy the mind- controlling parasite, but all that was nothing to Weston.

Individually, the five of them weren’t much of a threat, but together, they were a force to be reckoned with. Decades of training had made it so that all five of them worked in perfect unison. It was as though they shared a mind.

Weston was brimming with confidence at the time, and the look on his face discouraged Theodore. Suddenly, the latter didn’t know if he made the right choice when he called Jared over. What if Jared actually failed to crush the five men in front of him? Oh no, I’ll end up being an accomplice to that murder.

Theodore was panicking and wondering if he should have made the call when Jared showed


“General Jackson,” greeted Jared as he walked into the place.

When Theodore saw Jared there, he hurried over to warn him. “Mr. Chance, be wary of those five men from Mapleton. They are infuriatingly difficult to deal with. If you sense anything off at all, please abandon us and leave right away. They don’t have the guts to kill us, but they will not hesitate to murder you.
My guess is that the Cooper family had paid them handsomely.”

Theodore was quick to remind Jared that he should flee in the event that he was losing. Please don’t die here!

Jared looked at the men from Mapleton then smiled at Theodore. “It’ll be fine. I’ll be careful, but may I confirm something? If they try to kill me and I end up killing them instead, will that cause you any trouble?”

‘No, that won’t trouble me at all. My men will be recording the entire fight. If those men try to kill you, then murdering them will be justified because it is just a form of self-defense. I’ll just play the recording to the people in Mapleton when they come knocking on my door. The only problem is that I won’t be able to help you in the battle…”

Theodore understood that he was not in a socially right position to butt in if it turned into a battle to the death. His limited combat prowess also made it so that his involvement wouldn’t help.

‘I can handle them on my own,” replied Jared confidently. He hadn’t battled after reaching his most recent level, so he was eager to learn just how powerful his body had become.

“General Jackson, you truly work fast. All it takes is a few hours for you to get these men over,” complimented Jared in an impressed tone.

“A few hours?” repeated Theodore, who was.
surprised to hear that. “Mr. Chance, it has been three days. I tapped into all of my resources to locate these men. If I failed to find them by tonight, you would’ve left tomorrow, and I won’t know what to do!”


Jared rendered himself speechless. He didn’t pay attention to the passing of time when he was upgrading his physical attributes. He saw a dark sky upon opening his eyes and assumed that it had only been a few hours.
Who would’ve thought that it had been three days and he had been there the entire time?

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