The Man’s Decree – Chapter 615

Chapter 615 Infuriatingly Arrogant

“Mr. Chance, are you alright?” asked Theodore in a concerned tone when he saw how confused Jared seemed.

“Huh? Oh, it’s nothing. I must’ve slept too much,” replied Jared while grinning. He turned his attention to Weston and the others after that, then walked over.

Weston’s eyes shone with surprise when he saw Jared because he didn’t expect the guy to be that young. He looks like he is in his twenties… Wow, I can’t believe he’s already that powerful.

“You’re Jared Chance?” asked Weston while scanning Jared endlessly.

“Yes, I am. I am also the one who killed your mind-controlling parasite,” replied Jared while nodding without hesitating.

Weston’s gaze turned evil. He knew that Jared only shared all that information to step on his toe. After all, everyone knew that Weston spent decades caring for that mind-controlling parasite.

“Punk, I’ll admit that you are strong. It truly is amazing that you are able to reach that level despite being so young, but you are too.
arrogant. If you had been patient and trained for another decade or so, I might not be a match against you,” said Weston while glaring.

‘There’s no need to train for another decade. I can beat you guys up right now. Surrender now, and you might just survive this,” replied Jared calmly.

“Hahaha, you truly are arrogant, punk. Well, then allow me to teach you a lesson.”

As he spoke, he threw a punch over at Jared.
Black fumes engulfed his fist, and it remained there despite the strong wind howling at them.

Jared saw that punch coming, but he never budged. He didn’t even go on his defensive stance, and it seemed he planned to let that punch land directly.

Theodore panicked a little when he saw Jared standing there without lifting a muscle. The former quickly shouted, “Be careful, Mr.
Chance. The fumes on their fists are poisonous.”

The fume surrounding Weston’s fist was.
extremely poisonous. Even if that punch failed to kill Jared, the poison would still seep into Jared’s system via the pore on his skin. His skin would rot instantly, and he would lose all combat prowess.

Despite those screams, Jared stood there. It was as though he couldn’t hear what Theodore said and that troubled Weston.

The issue at hand was that Weston had no idea what Jared was planning, so he couldn’t be sure there was a trap somewhere.

Hence, Weston slowed down and examined Jared carefully to prevent himself from falling into Jared’s scheme.

‘I’m just standing here, and you’re already scared. Pfft, what a coward,” insulted Jared before his lips curved into a taunting grin.

‘will crush you!”

Weston was infuriated, and he sped up once more. His strength reached its epitome as well, and he was going to kill Jared with a single punch.

Jared deliberately stepped on Weston’s toe to get him to throw the heaviest and most fatal punch over. The former wanted to see just how much his body could endure.

“Mr. Chance…”

Theodore quickly unsheathed his sword when he saw how Jared was still standing there. He wanted to rush over and take the punch for Jared.

“Stay there, and don’t move,” instructed Jared while glaring at Theodore.

At that point, Theodore honestly didn’t know what Jared was planning. Does he actually think he can withstand a punch like that?

“You arrogant punk!”

Weston was utterly infuriated, and the fumes in his fist were getting thicker and thicker. It eventually got to the point where the fumes could engulf Jared in his entirety.


A loud noise came. Jared’s figure flew backward after being hit by an incredible force.
He flew for over ten meters and smashed into a wall, breaking it in the process.

The falling debris buried Jared alive, and everyone was surprised to see that.

Even Weston was taken aback. He stared as the wall crumbled in the distance. He assumed that Jared had a trick up his sleeves, and that was why he never moved a muscle.
Surprisingly, the guy actually stood there and let the punch land on himself! Weston never even sensed a smidge of resistance from Jared.

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