The Man’s Decree – Chapter 617

Chapter 617 You Are Alive

“Ah!” Out of nowhere, a member of the Department of Justice screamed. All Theodore saw were countless snakes, rats, and other pests making their way over at an incredible pace. There were so many of them that the mere sight of it could get anyone’s scalp to feel tingly.

Those pests somehow corrode everything in their path, and even the walls instantly collapsed after they moved past them.

“Shoot! Shoot now.”

Given the situation, Theodore had no choice but to issue the kill order.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The guns went off, but the bullets never reached Weston and the others. Thick, black fumes had already concealed everything, so the snipers couldn’t see their targets anymore.
Hence, everyone fired their guns at random directions in hope of getting lucky.

Theodore saw how the pests were getting out of hand, so he gripped his weapon and flushed out his aura. His clothes danced in reaction to that energy. As someone in the Grandmaster rank, Theodore could exude his martial energy at will.


A loud roar later, Theodore waved his sword and instantly summoned a gust of strong wind.
It sent the pest flying backward, but they gathered up and crawled right back.

To make matters worse, more and more pests were gathering. Many members of the Department of Justice had insects crawling all over them. There were simply too many pests, and they were too small to attack accurately.
As a result, the members couldn’t destroy the pests crawling all over them.

The silver lining was that those pests weren’t poisonous. If that wasn’t the case, many would’ve already died.

“General Jackson, just move aside and let us leave. Why make your subordinates suffer through all this?”

Just then, Weston’s voice echoed out of the black fumes.

Theodore looked furious. He had swung his.
weapon countless times, but the gust of wind he summoned could only chase the pests away temporarily. It didn’t take long before the pests crawled back over, and Theodore was exhausted.

He saw how his subordinates were rolling on the ground and in agony. All that put him in a troubling position.

‘All pests hate fire. General Jackson, do you really not know something so simple?”

Theodore was feeling trapped when a voice came to him from behind.

He was momentarily stunned. He turned around quickly after that. That was how he ended up witnessing Jared getting out of the rubble.

‘Mr. Chance! Y-You’re alive?” Theodore was utterly dumbstruck.

“Huh? You didn’t think I’d die just like that, did you?” teased Jared while grinning.

“Oh, n-no. I knew you’d come out alive.”

Theodore was ever so excited. I should’ve known. Jared is an energy cultivator, so he won’t die that easily.

Weston stared at Jared, who remained unscathed. The former was so shocked that his mind short-circuited for a moment there. A look of surprise filled his eyes.

Even if he had survived, my punch should’ve at least caused some broken bones and bruises.
The poisonous fumes that were delivered with that punch should also have taken effect.
Hence, he should be poisoned. How is he standing there right now? It’s as though he isn’t hurt at all!

“H-How is that even possible? How are you completely unscathed?” asked Weston.

He was utterly confused about the situation.

“Your puny punch can’t hurt me,” replied Jared while smiling evilly.

His taunting grin was driving Weston insane with rage.

“Start a fire,” ordered Theodore at that crucial moment.

The members of the Department of Justice started looking for flammable items right away.
As the fire they built burned brighter, the pests became less. Many pests were wounded or dead, and the rest were backing away.

Things were turning around. The pests were dealt with, and Jared was safe and sound. That reignited Theodore’s fighting spirit and he glared at Weston. “Save yourself from some pain and come out with your hands behind your back! If you don’t, I’ll attack.”

Theodore held his sword. His entire body trembled a little before his aura flared up again.
He had depleted his martial energy earlier, but that had since been replenished.

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