The Man’s Decree – Chapter 618

Chapter 618 A Humanoid Monster

“Hahaha, do you boys really think that is all I am capable of?”

After laughing in the most maniac way, Weston turned to his comrades and said, “Let’s show them what we’re really capable of.”

All five of them sat down in a strategic position, with Weston in their middle. Black fumes seeped out of all of them, and it seemed they were murmuring the same spell under their breath.

Soon, the retreated pests attacked once more.
Their numbers increased exponentially, but they were no longer attacking the others.
Instead, those pests gathered together to form a humanoid monster that was a few meters tall.

The monster exuded black fumes. Obviously, that meant that many of those pests carried venomous parasites. Theodore turned pale when he saw the enormous monster. Many members of the Department of Justice were scared mindless as well. They backed away quickly.


Theodore had commanded the snipers to fire their weapons at the humanoid monster.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dozens of bullets tore through the monster, leaving huge holes in it. However, the monster closed up those holes instantaneously. After all, it was made of countless pests, so the other pests could easily replace the ones that the bullets had sent flying.

Theodore looked worse and worse upon seeing how the gun had virtually zero impact on the monster.

More and more men were drowning in fear, and many had instinctively backed away.
Theodore, however, stood his ground. He knew he had to stay strong and set an example because failure would be inevitable if he didn’t.

“Kill it?”

Theodore steeled himself up and jumped to the sky with his weapon right beside him. He swung his sword and sliced the monster mercilessly.

The monster retaliated by throwing a punch at him. Its punch, which was engulfed in black fumes, crashed into Theadore’s body.
Theodore was sent flying backward. It looked as though he were a kite with a broken string.

Worse still, black fumes were rotting Theodore’s body. His skin suddenly turned black. It was clear the man was poisoned.


Members of the Department of Justice called out nervously when they saw Theodore wounded and poisoned. One of them wanted to rush over to help Theodore.

“Do not touch him!” roared Jared to stop everyone from getting too close. If they come in contact with Theodore, they will be poisoned as well.

Everyone was stunned. They watched as Jared jumped to the sky and caught Theodore to stop the guy from crashing onto the ground.

Jared saw how Theodore’s eyes were shut tight and how his expression revealed the agony he was experiencing. The punch itself wasn’t fatal, but the poisonous fumes were torturing Theodore.

Jared reached out and gently put his hand on Theodore’s forehead. The black fumes started making their way into Jared’s body right away.
Despite the toxicity, that black fume was an excellent resource for cultivation, and Jared wasn’t going to let that go to waste.

It didn’t take long before Theodore eased up.
and slowly opened his eyes.

“Thank you, Mr. Chance.”

Theodore’s eyes shone with appreciation when he looked at Jared.

‘Its nothing, General Jackson. I’ll go deal with that monster right now,” said Jared before he ran to the beast.

Naturally, the monster reacted by throwing a punch over at Jared. Its fist was almost the size of Jared’s entire figure, but he wasn’t bothered by it at all. He simply raised his hand slowly and halted the punch easily.

Weston and the others were shocked to see that. They sped up their chants. The humanoid monster reacted by opening its mouth and spewing black fumes at Jared.

He couldn’t wait until the fumes reached him, though. He opened his mouth and absorbed them right into his body. That was when the enormous monster started struggling a little.
Jared was like a black hole and was absorbing every bit of the monster’s black fume into his.
own body.

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