The Man’s Decree – Chapter 619

Chapter 619 Apprehended

Soon, Jared consumed every bit of the black fume that engulfed the monster. It fell apart right after and became countless separate pests once more. They filled the entire place.

Jared snapped his finger. A ball of green flames appeared out of nowhere, and the pests dispersed as soon as they saw the flames.

That was the fire Jared used to make his medicine, so it was more than enough to burn all those pests.

He waved his palm and prompted the green flames to rain down from the sky. It destroyed every pest there was.


Weston and his comrades turned pale after witnessing the demise of all those pests. They couldn’t believe it. Jared was immune to all poisonous creatures, and that surprised them to their core. It also inspired fear within them.

The people from Mapleton specialized in using poisonous creatures, but it had no effect on Jared whatsoever. Heck, the guy consumed the poisonous fumes as though it were nothing! That meant that their greatest strengths were useless against Jared.

‘Is that all you can do?” challenged Jared while sneering. “Go all out and throw everything you’ve got at me!”

Weston stood up slowly. Sweat was still pouring out of his forehead because he had just used an extremely powerful magecraft—it depleted his internal energy.

“We have no quarrels, Jared, and you forced our hands earlier. Will you let us go if we were to apologize now?”

Weston decided to compromise. His arrogance faded after seeing how powerful Jared truly was.

“You want to leave?” said Jared. He smiled and asked, “But didn’t you already accept the Cooper family’s payment? Aren’t you supposed to kill me? Why are you leaving so soon?”

Weston was at a loss for words.

It was true they had no quarrels with Jared despite the fact that Jared had killed the Poison King’s godson, Fabian. Nevertheless, all that politics simply had nothing to do with Weston and his gang.

Unfortunately, they were greedy. They wanted the Cooper family’s money, so they came to kill Jared. That was why Weston was merciless when throwing that punch at Jared earlier.

The only problem was that Jared was too powerful. A punch from Weston failed to damage Jared. Even their combined magecraft, which they were extremely proud of, had no effect as well.

‘I will spare your lives if you follow General Jackson and accept all the punishment the court deems fit,” said Jared calmly. As he spoke, he stared at them as though he were a god while they were just mere mortals.

Weston frowned. He gritted his teeth before nodding hesitantly. “Okay, we’ll accept those terms. We’ll go with General Jackson and accept our punishment. We’ll also apologize to Mr. Cadden. All we ask is that you keep your words and stop attacking us.”

The incredible discrepancies between their strength had left Weston with no other options.
Weston knew they would all die if they didn’t agree to Jared’s terms.

‘I won’t bother attacking Mapleton so long as you guys stop coming after me.”

Jared had lost all interest in Mapleton. After meeting the true masters of spiritual energy cultivation, his only interest was in the power struggle in Jadeborough.

He wanted to know who his birth parents were and who Rayleigh was. And how is that Rayleigh guy connected to me?

All those questions and curiosity had weighed Jared down.

Weston tilted his head down and walked to Theodore. The latter waved his hands. A few members of the Department of Justice headed over and cuffed all the criminals.

‘Take them away. Mr. Cadden will deal with them tomorrow.”

Theodore waved his hand to get his subordinates to take Weston and the others away.

‘Thank you, Mr. Chance. We couldn’t have apprehended them without your help,” said Theodore while staring appreciatively at Jared.

‘It’s not a big deal,” replied Jared. He didn’t think much of it because it was just a simple favor.

‘I didn’t realize you are that powerful, Mr.
Chance. You endured that punch head-on and remained unscathed,” praised Theodore. The mere thought of how Jared was hit still terrified Theodore, but it also made him jealous. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do that.

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