The Man’s Decree – Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Collateral Descendant

Jared grinned without saying anything. He didn’t realize that his physical attributes had risen to that state, either. I guess the body- quenching pill Rayleigh gave me is a hundred times better than my revitalizing pills.

“Now that the men have been apprehended, will you be heading back to Horington, Mr.
Chance? I can have someone drop you off,” offered Theodore.

‘Thank you, General Jackson, but there’s no need for that. I plan on staying for a while. I’ll hail a cab when I decide to go home.”

Bull and Rayleigh showing up like that had changed Jared’s mind. He wanted to stay in Jadeborough for a little longer. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to meet other energy cultivators.
My main concern is still to learn more about my birth, though.

‘Then, please be careful, Mr. Chance. The Coopers won’t let you off the hook that easily. If you need any help, please feel free to call me,” reminded Theodore.

“Thank you for your offer,” replied Jared while grinning.

After leaving the place, Jared returned to his hotel and rested on his bed. He recalled his encounter with Bull and Rayleigh. Yeah, they are definitely the strongest men I have ever met in my entire life.

On the other side, Sean Cooper of the Cooper family was burning with rage after receiving the butler’s reports.

‘Trash! Utter useless pieces of trash. Those idiots from Mapleton are freaking useless. I can’t believe they lost even though it was five against one!”

Sean was so angry that he punched the desk and pulverized it.

‘Mr. Sean, please listen to me. I don’t think they had failed to kill Jared. It’s just that Jared had help. My sources told me that Theodore Jackson had sent his men over and surrounded Weston and the others. They even had snipers with them. If that weren’t the case, Jared couldn’t have won the battle,” said the butler.

Sean looked ever worse after hearing that.
“That stupid Jared. I can’t believe there are so many people out there protecting him. I guess I will have to wait until my brother is done with his solidary training. Then, we will be able to avenge Fabian.”

In Jadeborough alone, Jared had the Department of Justice, the Baileys, and Jermaine of Senary Porta protecting him. All that made Sean cautious about attacking Jared recklessly. I guess I will have to wait until Xander gets out of training to discuss the matter.

‘There’s one other thing, Mr. Sean. The family’s elder will be having a birthday party soon. We received our invitations. What gift should we prepare?” asked the butler.

Sean frowned right away and sighed a little.

They were collateral descendants of the Cooper family, so they weren’t valued. They also had limited contact with the lineal descendants of the family, but the elder would throw a birthday party every year. The collateral descendants always had to present valuable gifts, so the mere mention of the party gave Sean a headache.

Unfortunately, there was nothing anyone could do about it. That was just how the politics worked. The upside was that Sean’s brother had been receiving abundant training from them over the past ten years.

In a way, they were lucky. At least they could send one of their members over to learn everything from the direct line. Many collateral descendants of the family couldn’t do that despite the annual gifts they had to present.

‘Did my brother say anything? How are his studies going?” asked Sean.

‘He called and said that he is now allowed to enter the main hall. He also asked us to send more gifts over so that the others would pay more attention to him…,” replied the butler.

“Wait, he’s in?” said Sean while smiling. “That is amazing news. That means he is a cultivator, and once his training is complete… Oh, the power we’ll wield shall be incredible. The Baileys, the Department of Justice will mean nothing at all!”

Sean was so excited that his face was burning red slightly. His eyes shone with happiness, but his gaze also shone with a hint of envy.

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