The Man’s Decree – Chapter 621

Chapter 621 Dine Together

“What should we prepare for the gift, Mr.
Sean?” the butler asked softly.

‘Let’s wait for Xander first. We must be well prepared this time!” Sean thought he was not in the position to make any decision. It would be best to consult Xander’s advice since he would be out in a few days.

“All right!” The butler nodded and was prepared to leave when Sean called out to him.

‘Hold on. Get someone to watch over Gavin.
He has been causing a lot of problems these days, and I don’t want him to lose his life from messing with Jared,” the latter instructed.

Sean knew his son was nothing more than a useless troublemaker. Gavin even dared to clamor about challenging Jared and threatening to kill him. If I don’t stop him from picking a fight with Jared, Jared might kill him like how he got rid of Franco!

With Franco’s death, Gavin was the only heir to the family. It would spell doom for the Cooper family should he also die in Jared’s hands.

“Got it.” The butler nodded.

The next morning, Jared decided to sleep in due to the lack of spiritual energy that prevented him from cultivating. Sadly, his slumber was disrupted by a call from Josephine, asking him if he would be coming home.

Jared had no choice but to lie, as there was some information he had to hide from her. He told Josephine that he had to stay in Jadeborough because he had yet to capture the people from Mapleton.

They continued speaking on the phone for hours. Clearly, Josephine missed him very much, even though they had only been away from each other for a few days.

Jared was forced to hang up the call when his doorbell rang at noon.

He opened the door and saw Tristan standing in front of him while holding a sack.

“Here are some herbs that we acquired at a high price, Mr. Chance. My grandfather knew you needed these for your cultivation, so he told me to deliver them to you.”

As the latter spoke, he opened the sack and showed Jared some century-old reishi mushrooms and ginseng.

Jared was not particularly excited to see those rare herbs, as they would not be of great help to his current rank of cultivation. What he

needed was an abundance of spiritual energy.

Nonetheless, he was still quite touched by the gifts from the Baileys. After receiving the sack from Tristan, he said, “Please help me thank your grandfather!”

“Don’t mention it, Mr. Chance. My grandfather said our family would do everything we could to help you cultivate even if we have to sell all our family assets,” Tristan said.

His remark warmed Jared’s heart. Even though his relationship with the Baileys was a mutually beneficial one, he was still grateful to Samuel

for the sacrifices the latter was willing to make.

“Come on in.” Jared opened the door and welcomed Tristan into the room.

Tristan grinned and offered, “Would you like to have lunch together if you’re available? I wish to treat you to a meal since you’re here in Jadeborough.”

“Sure!” Jared nodded and added, “But I can’t go to your house…”

He did not want to go to the Bailey residence because he was afraid that he would not be able to eat in peace as the other family members might keep buttering him up.

Tristan chuckled as he understood Jared’s concern. Nodding, he replied, “All right. Let’s: go to one of my favorite restaurants then. It serves great food.”

Jared nodded and changed into a fresh set of clothes before departing to the restaurant with him.

Soon, they arrived at the restaurant. After opening the door for Jared to enter, Tristan led him to a table in a corner.

“Good to see you again, Mr. Bailey,” one of the waiters greeted Tristan cordially, obviously familiar with him.

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