The Man’s Decree – Chapter 623

Chapter 623 The Afterworld

‘Tristan Bailey, your family doesn’t own this place. I can be wherever I wantin this restaurant, and you can’t do anything about it!” Gavin ignored Tristan and sat right next to him.

“Are you trying to pick a fight?”

Perceiving his act as a provocation, Tristan shot daggers at the man and started emanating an aura from his body.

As he was a Seventh Level Grandmaster, by right, an ordinary person like Gavin would not be able to withstand his aura.

Yet, the latter seemed absolutely fearless.
When Tristan was about to overpower him, the two men standing behind Gavin also started exuding aura from their bodies. The impact of the collision between their auras mid-air was so intense that Tristan staggered a little.

Tristan’s expression changed, and he stared at the two subordinates intently. These two.
Grandmasters’ abilities are on a par with mine.
No wonder Gavin is not afraid of me.

“Why are you so tensed, Tristan? I just came over to have a drink with you,” Gavin remarked and proceeded to pour himself a glass of wine.
He then looked at Jared. “I don’t think I’ve met you before. Where are you from?”

He had asked that question because he did not know who the latter was.

However, Jared gave him the cold shoulder. In fact, he did not bother to look at Gavin at all, as his attention was entirely on the young woman.
Despite the commotion, she was still having her meal as though she was not affected by it.

The impact from the collision of the auras earlier was remarkable, yet she was unperturbed. That had Jared’s interest piqued.

Gavin’s expression turned grim when he realized he was being ignored. “F**k, I’m talking to you right now! Are you deaf?”

“Gavin Cooper, do you have a death wish?” Furious that Gavin dared to disrespect Jared in such a manner, Tristan slammed his palm on the table and stood up.

The Grandmasters from the Cooper family were alarmed by the heightened tension, so they took a step forward and stood in front of Gavin.

Most of the diners started taking shelter at the corners of the restaurant, while the more timid ones left right away.

The owner of the restaurant could only keep mum, as he could not afford to offend Tristan or Gavin.

Tristan’s expression darkened when Gavin’s subordinates stood in front of him.

‘Is he your father, Tristan? Why are you getting so worked up?” Gavin remained seated, tilting his head to look at Tristan in disdain.

Fury washed over the latter. He’s a good-for- nothing, yet he has a sharp tongue!

Unable to stand it any longer, he swung a punch in Gavin’s direction.

At that, the two Grandmasters got into positions and were ready to retaliate.

However, Jared stood up and stopped Tristan.
Facing Gavin, he did a self-introduction. “I’m Jared Chance from Horington.”

Gavin, who was seated, stood up abruptly after hearing his name.

“You… You’re Jared Chance?” He looked at Jared in disbelief as he had not expected the latter to be so young.

‘Do you know me?” Jared was puzzled by his reaction because he did not know Gavin was Sean’s son and Franco’s younger cousin.

“Mr. Chance, this man is Franco’s cousin, Sean’s son. He’s a member of the Cooper family,” Tristan explained.

After learning Gavin’s identity, Jared finally caught on. “So you’re one of the Coopers. No wonder you’re so arrogant. Would you like me to send you to the afterworld just like what I did to your cousin?”

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