The Man’s Decree – Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Helpless

In an instant, Gavin flushed angrily. However, he did not say another word, merely giving Jared a murderous glare as the butler had cautioned him not to offend the latter lest he died in his hands.

Knowing that the two subordinates he had brought with him that day were no match for the combined strength of Jared and Tristan, he could only repress his anger.

“Don’t be so full of yourself, brat. You’ll pay for what you did to my cousin one day. Don’t ever dream of living a peaceful life since you’d offended the Coopers.”

Gavin then brought his subordinates to sit at the next table.

While Jared and Tristan continued enjoying their lunch, Gavin kept shooting daggers at them from a distance.

“You should be more mindful of Gavin, Mr.
Chance. He might be a good-for-nothing, but he’s also a crafty and ruthless man who would do all sorts of nasty things,” Tristan exhorted.

‘Don’t worry about it.” Jared flashed him a half- smile in reassurance as he did not see Gavin as a threat.

All of a sudden, he put down his fork and started to appear unsettled.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Chance?” Tristan was startled and felt that Jared was behaving oddly that day.

“Stop talking!” The latter frowned and hushed him with a wave of his palm.

At that moment, Jared could feel a spiritual sense coming in his direction aggressively.
Perhaps because the other party was unaware that he had a spiritual sense of his own, they did not bother to conceal their intention.

Jared narrowed his eyes and turned his attention to the young woman. Coincidentally, she was also looking at him. Upon noticing his gaze, she instantly lowered her head. At the same time, the spiritual sense had also receded.

Jared was dumbstruck. He never expected the woman to be an energy cultivator too. It looks like there are a lot of hidden elites in Jadeborough, far more than I’ve imagined.

“A-Are you all right, Mr. Chance?” asked a baffled Tristan.

He could not fathom why Jared kept looking at the woman.

The latter smiled and replied, “I’m fine. Let’s continue with our lunch.”

Meanwhile, Gavin also noticed the young woman. With a lecherous glint in his eyes, he walked up to her table and sat across from her.
‘Miss, why are you eating alone? Where’s your boyfriend?”

Smirking, he continued to tease her. “Do you mind if I join you? My name is Gavin, and I’m from the Cooper family.”

He then reached out his hand to touch hers.

The young woman lifted her head to glance at Gavin before walking out of the restaurant.

The man was stunned for a moment as he had never been spurned by any of the women he hit on previously. After all, they would normally throw themselves at him upon learning that he was one of the Coopers.

Enraged from being cold-shouldered, Gavin ran after the young woman.

Upon noticing that, Jared hastily stood up and said to Tristan, “Enjoy the lunch yourself.
There’s something I need to take care of.”

“What are you doing? Do you want me to accompany you?” Tristan thought Jared was.
going after Gavin.

‘It’s fine. Don’t follow me.”

Jared did not want Tristan to tag along, as he did not know if the female cultivator was a friend or foe. If she intended to bring him to the Deragons like what Bull tried to do, Tristan’s life might be in danger for joining him. By going after her alone, he might have a chance of escaping.

Jared was unsure about her identity, but he wanted to catch up with her to see if he could learn some secrets of the heavenly realm in Jadeborough from her.

After leaving the restaurant, he noticed Gavin and his subordinates made a turn at the corner of the street, so he followed them.

Just as Jared made his way into the street, he saw that the trio had caught up with the woman. Standing before the three men, she seemed particularly vulnerable and helpless.

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