The Man’s Decree – Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Kill The Boss.

‘Didn’t you hear what I said, missy? I repeat, you should count your blessing that I’m actually interested in you. Why are you running away? Come with me, and I’ll give you a lavish life. I can even buy you a mansion…”

Gavin fixed his gaze on the girl. His eyes gleamed as though he was up to something.

The girl glanced at him and hurriedly took a few steps backward. Unfortunately, her other escape route was blocked by two of Gavin’s subordinates.

She felt hopeless, like a little lamb waiting to be devoured by its predator.

The more she shuddered in fear, the more excited Gavin got.

“You have nowhere else to run, missy. Why don’t you be a tad bit more obedient and let me pamper you?”

With that, Gavin reached out to grab her.

The girl screamed as she stumbled backward and hit the wall.

Jared had wanted to dash over and help her, but he changed his mind on second thought.

She has spiritual sense and is obviously a cultivator. Why is she so afraid of an ordinary guy like Gavin? Although he has two Grandmasters with him, it’s rather odd that a cultivator can’t defeat a mere Grandmaster. Is she pretending? Is she doing this on purpose because she knows that I’m here?

At that thought, Jared withdrew his outstretched leg. He was eager to find out why the girl wanted to hide her true capabilities.

Had she not used her spiritual sense to test Jared, the latter would not have discovered her identity as a cultivator.

‘Hahaha! Go ahead and scream at the top of your lungs. Who dares to stop me?” Gavin smirked smugly.

Gavin closed in on her with his hands aiming at a specific body part. Immense fear engulfed the girl, but she remained rooted to the spot.

Frowning, Jared doubted himself. “Am I mistaken?”

He was dubious about the whole idea. Perhaps she’s not a cultivator, and neither was the spiritual sense from her?

Regardless, Jared could not allow the girl to be humiliated by Gavin. So, he decided to interfere with the matter.

Right before Jared could take any action, Gavin stopped what he was doing and gawked at the girl. Grinning lustfully, he stared blankly at her face.

“Do you like me?” The fear in her eyes disappeared, only to be replaced by her alluring charm.

‘I do… Hehehe…” Gavin was ogling her, acting like a total idiot.

His two subordinates sensed that something was off and immediately pounced on the girl.

What greeted them next was something peculiar. When the two Grandmasters approached the girl, they both froze and started acting weird like Gavin.

“Do you guys like me?” she asked the two Grandmasters.

‘I do… Hehe…” they responded with a silly grin.

“Oh boy, I’m in such a dilemma. All of you like me so much! Shall you all battle? Whoever wins the fight gets me as a prize,” she said, looking seemingly troubled.

“Sure!” the trio exclaimed while nodding vigorously.

Despite being a regular guy, Gavin had no qualms fighting two Grandmasters.

Seeing so, the girl took a few steps to the side and announced, “Let’s start.”

As soon as she gave the cue, the two Grandmasters immediately whipped out their weapons and launched a harsh attack on Gavin.

Smash! Thump!

Within seconds, the duo struck Gavin in all directions and finished him off. Alas, Gavin was beaten to death before he had a chance to defend himself.

Jared was completely stunned. What’s going on? Why did the two subordinates kill their own boss in the blink of an eye?

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