The Man’s Decree – Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Being Controlled

Before Jared snapped back into his senses, the two equally capable Grandmasters had already become entangled in a duel. No one was less formidable than the other. Hence, it was hard to tell who had the upper hand.

After over a hundred rounds, they finally managed to stab each other and perished together.

Jared looked at the three corpses lying on the ground. He could not believe that they would destroy themselves just like that while the girl washed her hands of the whole incident.

Right then, the girl shot a glance in the direction where Jared was hiding and asked coldly, “Not going to show yourself?”

Since she had already discovered him, he walked out and strode toward her cautiously.

Seeing how wary he was of her, the girl chuckled. Her sudden laughter was like a breath of fresh air, and it warmed Jared’s heart.

“How could you stand idly by and watch me defend myself in such a dangerous situation? You’re so cruel…” Pouting, she pretended to be angry.

A warm and fuzzy feeling crept up on him. She knew exactly how to tug at his heartstrings.

“You… You’re so beautiful…” Jared seemed a little dazed and gave a silly grin.

She loved his expression. Smiling smugly, she stroked her hair and said, “Really? Am I really that pretty? Then why didn’t you save me just now? I need your help to chuck their bodies into the river. Would you be so kind to lend me a hand?”

He could not withstand her pettishly charming tone and agreed right away, “Sure, sure…”

When Jared was carrying the bodies over to the river, a strong stench of blood that permeated the air tickled his senses. A ray of white light flashed across his head, and his eyes became bright all of a sudden. He froze for a bit, not Knowing what had just happened.

Jared was shocked to the core when he realized that he was carrying a corpse.
Panicked, he tossed it away and released his spiritual energy from within to engulf his entire being. Subsequently, he turned to look at the girl.

The latter was astonished to see him being able to recover his senses.

“Who are you? What did you do to me?” He clenched his fists and glared at her.

The dumbfounded expression on her face quickly disappeared. Within seconds, she put on an alluring look and approached Jared with a seductive sway of her hips.

“Why are you so fierce, my dear? I’m really terrified. If you don’t believe me, look straight into my eyes…” She walked closer to him as she spoke.

It only took Jared one glance, and he fell into her trap again. With that, his firm grip loosened, and his mind went blank immediately.

Seeing that she had achieved her motive, the girl scoffed, “Continue your pending work and throw the corpses away.”

“All right.” He nodded.

While Jared was bending down and carrying the bodies again, a dark shadow went past him and patted his head gently.

He shuddered and regained full consciousness. When he saw the bodies across his shoulders, his face darkened.

No thoughts enlightened him as to why he was controlled and manipulated by the girl so easily.

He chucked away the bodies hastily and turned to the person who had nudged him just now. It was none other than Rayleigh, who had saved him once and given him the body-quenching pill.

Right then, Rayleigh was staring at the girl, who had hung her head low and looked seemingly terrified.

‘Melanie, how many times have I warned you not to create any trouble when you’re out? You might hurt yourself unknowingly,” reprimanded Rayleigh.

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