The Man’s Decree – Chapter 627

Chapter 627 You Must Leave

‘Those are bad guys, Mr. Deragon. Had I not killed them, they would have… done those things to me,” Melanie Woodlands whined.

‘Nonsense! Do you think Jared will bully you as well?” Rayleigh stared daggers at her.

‘I… [heard from you that he’s got superb prowess in battle, so I wanted to test him out.
Turns out it’s nothing great.”

Melanie cast a contemptuous look at Jared and criticized him, “Also, his personality sucks. He looked on while I was in trouble and had no intention of helping me.”

Jared listened attentively to their conversations and was rather confused. So, they know each other, and Rayleigh talks a lot about me too.
Anyhow, they don’t seem to have any ill intentions toward me. At the very least, I know they won’t harm me.

Rayleigh turned to Jared, simply refusing to believe that the latter was not bothered by Melanie’s safety.

Jared justified himself at once. “She tested me using her spiritual sense, and that’s how I knew that she’s an energy cultivator. Those few guys were clearly not her match. Hence, I didn’t interfere.”

Upon hearing so, Rayleigh was infuriated and blasted Melanie, “How dare you use your

spiritual sense on Jared? You’d have made a grave mistake if his mind had been affected.”

Judging from Rayleigh’s stern expression, Melanie finally realized that she had done something unacceptable. She bowed her head and kept silent.

Suddenly, some footsteps were heard.
Rayleigh arched his brow and pulled both Melanie and Jared aside. “This isn’t the right place to talk further. Someone’s coming…”

Jared felt his body stiffen, followed by a rustling sound at his ear. Before he knew it, he had been transported to a small park.

He stared at Rayleigh in disbelief. Although Jared’s speed was above average, it was nothing when compared to Rayleigh’s.

“Why didn’t you leave Jadeborough?” asked Rayleigh.

‘L… [want to find out about my background.”

Jared came clean, as he saw no reason to hide his intention from Rayleigh, who had known about his past stories.

“Leave Jadeborough now. It’s too dangerous.
for you to stay here. I’ve told you before that you’ll understand everything you need to know about your background after the fifteenth of July,” Rayleigh said.

“Can I ask you something else?” There were so many things that Jared was curious about despite knowing that Rayleigh would not spill a word to him.

“You can ask anything you want as long as it’s not related to your background. However, you must leave Jadeborough after asking.” Rayleigh was resolute.

Jared nodded and started posing questions about the mysterious heavenly realm.

Back then, Draco had taught Jared a method to lead him into becoming an energy cultivator, but he did not tell him anything about the heavenly realm. So, he was puzzled about many things.

‘It’s so difficult for someone my rank to cultivate spiritual energy because what I have in me is too insignificant. I need more resources to do so. How do people like you attain that? What about the other cultivators in the heavenly realm? How did they manage to do it? After all, the resources available are scarce. A century-old spiritual medicine and spiritual stone are extremely precious and rare.
By the way, who’s this girl? What trick did she use to manipulate me just now? Magecraft? Also…”

Jared bombarded Rayleigh with a series of questions, to the extent that the latter started having a headache. Melanie observed everything and broke out into laughter as though she was watching a comedy.

“Your prowess is quite good, but you ask very stupid questions. I wonder how you cultivated in the past,” Melanie jeered at him.

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