The Man’s Decree – Chapter 628

Chapter 628 Exceeding Expectation

Upon being ridiculed by Melanie, Jared felt so ashamed of himself. What was regarded as a child’s play to the others was unknown to him.

‘I can understand how you feel and your strong desire to know all these things. Trust me, you’ll find the answers to all of your questions very soon. As for who she is, I’ll have to tell you a long story…”

Rayleigh pointed at Melanie and began to narrate an old tale.

From their interactions, Jared could tell that Rayleigh treated Melanie as his own child.

He found out that Melanie was actually an orphan adopted by Rayleigh. When she grew up, Rayleigh learned that she had an innate ability to control people’s minds through casting spells and sorcery charms.

Although she was an energy cultivator, she knew nothing else besides charming others.
She did not even know the basics of gathering energy. In other words, any martial artist could easily take Melanie on and defeat her if she did not possess any charming ability.

Jared finally realized that the fearful expression shown on Melanie’s face when Gavin cornered her was a true reflection of her emotion then.
She did not fake it.

At that thought, he felt rather sorry for his own action.

Rayleigh asked, “Do you think that an energy cultivator will surely be better than a martial artist or a mage? That the former is a cut above the rest?”

Absolutely! Jared nodded.

Rayleigh smiled. “Actually, there’s no difference between a cultivator, martial artist, and a mage.
The only difference is the title of their rank.
You’re a cultivator now, but if you fight with a Martial Arts Grandmaster, they can easily beat you to a pulp with just one finger. So, do you still think that a cultivator is any better than a martial artist? Then again, the sky’s the limit for a cultivator. There are endless possibilities and potential for one because the end goal is to become immortal. That’s the ultimate dream for all cultivators.”

When Rayleigh mentioned the word “immortal,” there was a sparkle in his eyes, filled with all of his hopes and dreams.

He had longed to become one.

“An immortal…” Jared mumbled. Throughout all his days working hard on cultivation, he had never imagined becoming an immortal.

When he began cultivating, all he wanted was to fulfill his promise to Draco, to find out what would happen on the fifteenth of July.

It had never crossed his mind to be an immortal. In fact, he never knew there was a connection between cultivation and being an immortal. These were all new to him as he tried to wrap his head around the concept.

‘Don’t think too much. Channel all of your efforts and focus on cultivation. You’ve already exceeded my expectation for achieving this level within such a short period of time.”

Rayleigh scrutinized him satisfactorily. Then, without any pre-warning, he punched Jared in the stomach and sent him flying a few feet away.

The impact was so powerful that when Jared crashed into a tree, it broke into two.

The attack came like a bolt from the blue and left Jared totally baffled. Why must he go physical when we can talk it out verbally?

Rubbing his stomach, Jared walked back to Rayleigh. Thanks to his constant training, his chiseled body was extremely fit and sturdy.
That one punch did not have any severe impact on him.

Melanie was taken aback to see that unfolding before her eyes. For a long while, she did not know how to respond to it.

“Not bad. Your body strength and stamina are finally on par with your capability. I’m glad to know that my body-quenching pill was not wasted.”

Rayleigh was delighted to see the return of an unharmed Jared.

I see. So, Rayleigh was trying to examine the result of my cultivation.

“Mr. Deragon, did you really… give him the body-quenching pill that you’ve obtained through countless painstaking hard work?” Melanie was shocked to the core.

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