The Man’s Decree – Chapter 629

Chapter 629 Tear Him To Pieces “Shut up!”

Rayleigh glared at Melanie. It was obvious that he didn’t want Jared to know how precious the body-quenching pill was.

Upon hearing that, Jared stared at him in shock. He always thought that for a cultivator like Rayleigh, the body-quenching pill was something that could be easily obtained. He never would have thought that the man would give him something that was basically his blood, sweat, and tears.

At that moment, he knew that there was some sort of relationship between them; perhaps they were even family. He got very emotional at the thought of this.

“You already know what you should know.
Leave Jadeborough immediately. Before you head to Nameless Island on July 15, don’t ever step foot in Jadeborough again,” Rayleigh said.

Then, he left with Melanie before Jared could even reply. In the blink of an eye, both of them had vanished.

Jared remained stunned for a moment before he turned to leave. He hailed a taxi and headed straight for Horington.

Having seen how anxious Rayleigh was when he told him to leave, he knew that only danger would be waiting for him if he continued to stay in Jadeborough. It was going to be hard for him to make a name for himself here with his current capabilities. Even a defenseless woman like Melanie managed to make him obey her just by using the Seduction Technique. If he had run into a stronger opponent, there would not even be a chance for him to struggle.

He stared out the taxi window as the car streaked past the skyscrapers and silently swore to himself, “I’ll be back, Jadeborough…”

My past is buried somewhere within Jadeborough, so I will be back to find out everything I can.

Meanwhile, at the Cooper residence, three corpses were placed in the middle of the courtyard and were surrounded by many members of the Cooper family. A middle-aged woman was slumped over Gavin’s body, crying her heart out.

“Oh, my son! You died such a horrible death.
Tell me, who was the one who killed you? I will get revenge for you!”

She was none other than Gavin’s mother.
When she saw the state he was in, she wept with agony.

Sean, on the other hand, was trembling all over at the sight of his son’s corpse. His eyes were red in anger.

“Who was it? Who killed my son?” he roared.
His aggressively murderous aura enveloped the place, terrifying the rest of the Coopers as they quickly lowered their heads, not daring to utter a single word.

‘Mr. Sean, I’ve looked into what happened. Mr.
Gavin bumped into Tristan and Jared when he was having his meal. According to the restaurant, Mr. Gavin ran out of the restaurant, chasing after a girl. However, Jared hadn’t even finished his food when he went after them as well, leaving Tristan alone in the restaurant.
That is why there is a huge possibility that Jared was the one who killed him,” the butler said softly when he reached Sean’s side.

At the mention of Jared’s name, the latter gritted his teeth and growled, “It’s that Jared again. I can’t forgive myself if I don’t kill him this time!”

‘Mr. Sean, Jared is quite strong, and he has already left Jadeborough. Why don’t we decide on what to do when Old Mr. Cooper is back?” the butler suggested.

‘I’m going to cut him up into pieces even if he hides at the ends of the Earth!”

Still boiling with anger, the man slowly pulled out a key from his pocket.

At the sight of this, the butler’s expression changed in an instant. “You- Mr. Sean, are you going to release The Fearsome Four?”

‘That’s right. I’m going to kill Jared for the sake of my son.”

Once he was finished speaking, he turned to take one last look at his son’s corpse before he left for the backyard.

Upon seeing this, the butler quickly rushed toward him to stop him. “Please reconsider, Mr.
Sean! Old Mr. Cooper is the only one who can control The Fearsome Four. If you let them out and they get agitated, the whole of the Cooper family will be done for.”

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