The Man’s Decree – Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Road Rage

‘Not many youngsters can establish a business and become successful like you. My son is about the same age as you, but he’s always on his phone or playing games at home. He wouldn’t even get a job. We raised him for nothing all these years…” the driver complained.

All Jared could do was smile as he listened to the complaints. He didn’t know what to say.
Every family had its own problems, after all.
Even though he had parents who loved him, he really wanted to know who his biological parents were.

As the driver chattered away, two Land Rovers suddenly sped past the taxi. They were driving

so fast that the taxi driver steered the car to the side out of shock, almost hitting the mountains

by the road as a result.

“How the hell are you driving? Are you blind? The roads are so steep in the mountains. Are you trying to die by driving so recklessly like that?” the driver shouted after he rolled down the window. “So what if you’re driving luxurious cars? People like you are going to die sooner or later.”

The taxi driver continued to drive forward as he cursed at them. However, the Land Rovers had stopped in the middle of the road. The cars stopped side by side, completely blocking off the way forward.

At the sight of this, the taxi driver’s expression changed instantly. Fear was written all over his face as he quickly stepped on the brakes.

A few burly men got down from the cars.
Among them were four disheveled men in tattered clothes. It was such a terrifying sight that the taxi driver started to shiver from fear.
He had not expected them to stop their cars after he cursed at them.

There was no way an average person could drive a Land Rover, and the taxi driver knew that he couldn’t afford to offend them. He quickly dug out a pack of cigarettes from his car and the money he had earned that day so that he could apologize to them.

‘lm afraid I won’t be able to run away from this…” he sighed before opening the car door.

Jared could not stop himself from chuckling at the sight of the driver. He looked so arrogant when he was cursing at them earlier. There wasn’t a hint of fear in him then but look at him now.

‘Don’t worry, sir. These people are here for me.
I can get down here, so you can head back


When he saw that Sean had gotten down from one of the cars, he knew that they were here to cause trouble for him.

‘They’re here for you? Do they have a grudge against you? It’d be foolish to bring suffering on yourself, young man. Let me call the police for you,” the driver said, pulling out his phone in the process.

“No need. I can handle this myself,” Jared said, quickly stopping him from making the call. It was useless to call the police on people like them.

Then, he took about ten thousand from his.
pocket and threw the money on the taxi’s dashboard. “Just take the money and leave,


The driver quickly waved his hands to reject when he saw how much money he was given.
“No! This is too much. We haven’t gone far, and we haven’t even arrived at our destination.
How can you give me so much money?”

‘Just take it. You have to leave quickly.”

With that said, Jared opened the car door and got down.

Though the taxi driver hesitated for a moment more, he still left in the end. He knew that the men before him weren’t people he could ever afford to offend.

Seeing that Jared had gotten down from the taxi, Sean’s eyes filled with rage instantly. He glared at the former as he said, “Were you thinking of running away after you killed my son? Let me tell you, Jared, I can find you no matter where you hide.”

He clenched his teeth as the atmosphere around him turned heavy and murderous.

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