The Man’s Decree – Chapter 632

Chapter 632 Try Out My Skills

Jared knew that the man had misunderstood and assumed that he had killed his son.
Nonetheless, he didn’t bother to explain that Melanie was the one who killed Gavin. He would never let Sean find out about this, as Melanie would be in danger if he did.

“Your son provoked me, so he deserves to die,” he said, admitting that he had killed Gavin.

At that, Sean hissed through gritted teeth, “All right. It’s great that you dared to admit to it. You killed my nephew, and now my son. Even God won’t be able to help you now. I must kill you today.”

Then, he turned to The Fearsome Four and ordered, “Kill him!”

Sean’s words were like the gospel to them.
They nodded and took a step forward, facing off against Jared.

The corners of Jared’s lips quirked up at the sight of these beggar-looking men. “Isn’t there anyone else in the Cooper family? Why did you find these beggars to fight against me?”

‘Don’t get ahead of yourself, Jared. You won’t be able to smile anymore in a while.”

At that, the leader of The Fearsome Four, Doomer, roared as the aura around him became more and more intense.

The smile on Jared’s face vanished when he felt the aura. He could tell that the straggly- looking man before him was terrifyingly capable.

As the aura around Doomer intensified, a faint red light started to emanate from his body.

Then, the red light became fainter and fainter before vanishing completely. Meanwhile, his skin had turned red as his muscles began bulging. He took a step forward, shaking the mountains around them in the process, and it left a footprint on the ground beneath him.

“Jared, The Fearsome Four’s bodies are no different from metal. Actually, their bodies might even be stronger than metal. Our family has been feeding them pills for so many years that they are basically immortal now. You only have death as an option,” Sean said arrogantly as he sat on his high horse.

Jared stayed silent, but he could already tell that the four of them were extremely refined in martial arts. Seeing that he had taken the body-quenching pill earlier, he wanted to use this chance to try out his skills on them.

“Cut the crap. Tell your dogs to come at me. I still have to be somewhere once I kill you guys,” he said, his face full of disdain.

“How arrogant. Kill him!” Sean spat coldly.

Doomer let out a roar and leaped off the ground. Then, he appeared in front of Jared in the next instant.

Instead of using the spiritual energy in his elixir field, Jared pounced at Doomer, relying only on his tough body. Both of them were like cars that were speeding toward each other, about to hit each other head-on.

Naturally, Sean was stunned to see Jared charging at Doomer instead of avoiding him.
He couldn’t understand what the man was trying to do.

Why is he still trying to charge at him when he knows that Doomer mastered the Impenetrable Skill and has a body as strong as metal?


A loud noise sounded. Jared was sent flying backward as if he were a kite flying without a string. His body hit the mountain wall, causing it to crumble and bury him in the rocks and debris.

Yet, Doomer’s body simply swayed a little.
Nothing else had happened to him.

Sean was shocked to see what had happened.
“H-He’s so weak? But isn’t this too fast?”

He was able to kill Franco and his subordinate, Wolf. There’s no way he’s just an average fighter. How is it possible that he died so easily?

Could it be that he chose to die like this because he knows that there’s no way he can run and doesn’t want to be tormented?

Right! That must be it!

At the thought of this, he glanced in the direction of his home and said, “I’ve brought you justice, my son! I’m going to bring Jared’s head home to you!”

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