The Man’s Decree – Chapter 633

Chapter 633 All At Once

Tears streamed down Sean’s face. He was angered by Gavin’s ignorance, but Gavin was still his son, after all. It was only natural that he was upset that his son was dead.

“Get Jared and chop his head off for me!” Sean ordered Doomer.

Doomer strode toward the rubble. He was about to dig Jared out when he halted in surprise.

The earth started shaking, and Jared shot up from the pile of rubble, holding a huge boulder weighing a few hundred pounds.

‘I shall take your life today!” Jared roared midair.

He then tossed the boulder weighing a few hundred pounds toward Doomer’s head.

The sudden turn of events caused everyone to blanch in shock. Their gazes landed on Jared in disbelief.


The boulder landed on Doomer’s head with an earth-shattering sound and broke into a million pieces. However, Doomer remained standing.
He shook off the stones on his body and didn’t seem to be hurt.

Sean burst out laughing. “Ha! You’re too naive.
A simple stone can’t hurt The Fearsome Four!

You’re lucky enough to survive the ordeal, but I shall torture you thoroughly before taking your


‘If the stone didn’t work, then I shall use another.”

Jared grabbed another boulder, which was much smaller than the previous one.

Using the Focus Technique, he channeled his spiritual energy into the boulder, and it immediately turned as hard as steel.

‘I’m going to kill you!” Doomer roared, charging toward Jared as though he was a bull that had lost his mind.

Doomer didn’t have a weapon, so he was obviously using his body as one. Without resorting to any tactics, he was relying on his destructive power and powerful body to attack Jared.

At the sight of Doomer charging toward him, Jared flung the stone. It landed with a thud on Doomer’s chest.


A loud boom resonated around the area as the stone turned to dust. This time, Doomer came to a stop.

There was a dent in Doomer’s chest, indicating his ribs were broken. However, he didn’t feel any pain.

Sean was surprised to realize that Jared was capable of hurting Doomer. It wasn’t a life- threatening wound, but the fact that Jared was strong enough to hurt Doomer’s indestructible body had shocked him senseless.

‘The four of you, go at him all at once!” Sean barked out an order hastily.

The Fearsome Four immediately charged forward and surrounded Jared, glaring at him in a menacing manner.

Jared felt a surmounting pressure, as he had to face four of them alone. Besides being unnaturally strong, The Fearsome Four couldn’t feel fear or pain. They were practically Sean’s puppets. Jared couldn’t figure out how to defeat them.

He had to kill The Fearsome Four. Otherwise, they wouldn’t give up unless Sean ordered them to retreat. The Fearsome Four were Senior Grandmasters with impenetrable bodies made of steel. It would be hard to take their lives.

The Fearsome Four surrounded Jared and attacked him simultaneously. Their huge fists were as swift and deadly as cannons.

Jared dodged their attacks while retaliating.
Despite using Focus Technique to its extreme and allowing his spiritual energy to surge quickly, he found it difficult to go against four of them at once.


Suddenly, a punch landed on Jared’s back. He wasn’t wounded, but the impact had caused him to lurch forward, and he nearly toppled to the ground.

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